Know the Different Types of Showerheads in the Market Before Buying One

If you are considering remodelling your bathroom or simply upgrade your bathroom accessories and don’t know where to begin, well, the hunt and worry end right here. Revamping your bathroom does not always have to involve an enormous outlay. Just replacing individual components, such as your shower head, can make a significant change.

Showerheads gently douse, beautifully refresh and soothingly massage while taking all your tiredness away. Besides, the installation is very simple and can be achieved in any type of housing. Multiple websites, such as allure bathrooms shower heads, have made a variety of options available online. You can choose from several stylish yet utilitarian variants. To begin with, here are some of the most popular kinds of showerheads in the market.

Fixed Showerheads

Most people have a fixed shower head in their homes, also known as a wall-mounted showerhead. It is unpretentious and usually comes in modest sizes, with diameters of five inches or less. This is the way to go if you just want a showerhead that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles and just delivers water at a good pressure.

Rain Showerheads (Rainfall & Waterfall Shower Heads)

Rainfall showerheads are similar to fixed showerheads; however, they are comparatively larger. You can significantly expand the coverage of your showerhead by going up to six inches. Coverage refers to the range of the water spray. Rainfall showerheads can be mounted from the ceiling or installed on the wall. Like most showerheads, the installation process is quite simple. However, if you want the full effect of the ceiling-mounted rainfall shower head, you will need to hire a plumber or contractor to run the pipes through your shower ceiling.

Hand-held Showerheads

Hand-held shower heads are, without a doubt, the most popular shower heads on the market. They are such a versatile option, whether you are installing a new shower or simply need to replace your present shower head. Hand-held shower heads typically come in sets that contain a detachable hose and a holder for mounting the showerhead. You have complete freedom to use the showerhead as a fixed shower head or to remove it from the wall to rinse the soap off your body, clean the shower walls, fill a bucket outside the shower, or for any other reason.

These showerheads come with detachable hoses and are particularly ideal for showering children, individuals recovering from an injury, or elders who require a shower chair. Simply pull the showerhead off the wall and control where the water goes. You can further check out a variety of these by allure bathrooms shower heads, too, as they are available in many variants.

Dual Showerheads

When a hand-held showerhead meets a fixed showerhead, a dual shower head is born. Firms are getting so inventive these days that fixed shower heads are now available with rain shower heads as well. This is the way to go for individuals searching for a terrific solution to make their shower experience better on their own. There is more good news: these combo shower head kits usually come with all the components required for installation. You will get the fixed/rain shower head, hand-held shower head, hose, and diverter mount all in one!

Filtered Showerheads

Are you tired of having dry skin and frizzy hair? You should consider getting a filtered shower head. These showerheads can considerably reduce the quantity of chlorine and hard water that passes through your showerhead. Indeed, depending on where you reside, you may have a greater need for this than others. Visit Eco Water Spa for a high-pressure – water-saving mineral cleansing shower head.