Kitchenaid Meat Grinders

Kitchenaid grinders are the most popular grinders in the world. Whirlpool makes Kitchenaid grinders. If you don’t know about Whirlpool, you probably have been living under a rock. Whirlpool is an American-based multinational corporation that manufactures and markets home appliances.

Over the years, Whirlpool has been one of the top brands in cases of all forms of home appliances. Let it be fridges or let it be toasters; Whirlpool is all over it. Kitchenaid, a sub-brand of Whirlpool, also makes home appliances. One of the most known appliances of Kitchenaid is the mixer with the grinder attachment.


If you are grinding meat with Kitchenaid grinder, you can rest assured that you have a mixer. The most significant advantage of Kitchenaid is that you can grind meat and also get rid of the attachment and start mixing dough. The feasibility of having two functions in one place is a huge thing to the modern minimalistic families.

You can also get metal attachments. If you regularly need burgers and think that your plastic passion is not enough, you can always get the metal attachment. The metal attachment is very good at keeping the meat’s consistency and texture. You can also get aftermarket grinder attachments (not suggested).

The three cutting plates have three different consistencies of meat. Three cutting plates allow you to select the plate according to your desired grind of beef. Finer grind? Use the plate with the small holes. Whereas, if you want a thicker grind, then you can choose the bigger hole plate.

You can also get other attachments. The spiralizer attachment is for making spiral cuts of vegetables, which is an excellent addition if you are a salad freak. Then there is the slicer and shredder, which helps you slice or shred fruits effortlessly. Pasta Roller and cutter attachment means no more ordering pasta from the shady Italian restaurant. The food processor makes it much easier for you to cut and slice food without any hassle. There is the ice cream maker. The ice cream maker attachment means you don’t have to wait for your local vendor to restock your favorite ice cream because you can make it yourself.


The Kitchenaid grinder attachment is an attachment. You cannot expect it to perform as well as a commercial grinder. However, the grinder attachment works better than you will desire. The attachment takes a good attempt at retaining as much fat as possible while making a consistent grind of any form of meat inserted.

It is also seen that if you correctly use the mixer’s settings while operating the grinder, you will get better results. If you use the lower speed on the machine, then the grinder has some difficulty in grinding. If you are grinding meat with Kitchenaid grinder, you have to use level 4 speed to get the best result.

Build Quality

All machines of the Kitchenaid mixer series are made of complete metal. Complete metal makes the overall build quite sturdy. The metal build also brings the question of grounding. For this, Kitchenaid has instructed its users to plug the machine into an earthed plug. The stainless steel bowl is also great. The stainless steel bowl holds its own quite well. The length of the bowl is quite good, which keeps the contents of the bowl from overflowing.

The attachments are also very sturdy. Some Kitchenaid mixers come with steel mixing heads; some come with plastic mixing heads. The plastic mixing heads are not what you would expect them to be. The plastic heads are also quite strong. You also get scraping heads with most Kitchenaid mixers. Scraping head makes it much easier for you to scrape the bowl’s sides and make your cleaning much more manageable.

Most attachments you buy from Kitchenaid are metal, so you won’t have to worry about their build qualities. However, if you are on a budget, you can also go for plastic versions of specific attachments. However, most plastic attachments don’t perform as well as steel ones. If you are regularly grinding meat with Kitchenaid grinder, it is better to buy the metal grinder attachment.


There are quite a lot of great meat grinders and meat grinding attachments in the market. But one of the best grinding attachments is found at Kitchenaid. Always remember, if you are grinding meat, you should be grinding meat with a Kitchenaid grinder. Kitchenaid not only has the best mixer/grinder out there, but they also have the best of the attachments you can get.