Kitchen Shortcuts Like Aroma Sushi Rice Cooker No One Ever Told You About

If you love cooking, there would be many times when you would feel the need to reduce the time you spend in the activity. Though the results you get out of cooking are enriching, the time consumed is quite a dampener. But what if we told you certain shortcuts to reduce your work and burden. Sounds exciting, and here we present our compilation of such excellent shortcuts.

Peeling ginger with a spoon

Have you ever felt the need to have a solution to peel ginger? Unfortunately, no one has ever thought of something to ease this burden off you. Instead of picking the vegetable peeler or regular peeler, you could take help from a spoon. Just scrape it against the surface, and out comes the cover.

Buy the suitable appliances

Your workload is considerably reduced if you choose the correct appliances. For example, if you want to prepare Japanese cuisine, you can buy an aroma sushi rice cooker. Similarly, a blender, OTG, food processor, etc., would all prove useful in cutting down your burden.

When choosing the appliances, remember that a high price does not signify quality. Pick a product that suffices your requirements to the best ability.

Use strainer for citrus

Always keep a strainer aside when you are dealing with citrus fruits. Before squeezing them, use the strainer, and the seeds do not enter your recipe. It saves a lot of your time, primarily if you deal with these kinds of recipes rather frequently.

Minimize garbage

Supposing you have to slice and cut four onions, instead of doing each separately, put all of them together. Quickly take off the covers and start slicing to pace up your work. This reduces the time used and the garbage created. Once done, remove the items and organize and execute the next activity in the same manner.

Buy a bench scraper

You do not want to keep running to the garbage bin now and then. Instead, buy a bench scraper that helps you gather all of that in one go and reduces your effort. You could also keep a garbage bag close to you and add the side of the leftover by side as you work.

Freeze the liquids

Sometimes you need wine or any other liquid to add flavor to your dish. Instead of opening a new bottle every time, you can freeze it in containers. Now when you require the same, just take a cube out and use it as a part of the recipe.

Similarly, if you have made a fresh batch of stock, you could freeze it in cubes. Transfer all of them to a plastic freezer bag later on and use them when required.


Kitchen tasks are cumbersome and take a lot of time. But if you are efficient, you will be done with your job even before realizing it. Use these simple hacks and make your life a tad little simple. If you want you can plan all your cooking activities a day in advance. The next day you just have to take all the ingredients and start the job.