Kid Safety: 5 Ways to Childproof Windows

Over 3,000 children need medical attention for window fall injuries each year. It is essential to learn about the risks children face around windows.

So what can you do about it? The good news is you can learn how to babyproof your windows. There are ways to childproof windows and reduce the risks of falls and strangulation.

Keep reading for five childproof window tips to get started.

1. Window Locks

Invest in childproof window locks so they cannot easily open windows. There are various options available, so make sure you pick a style that works for your window type. Also, check window locks do not void your window warranty.

The various styles mean the window locks are often discreet and do not ruin the window design. Some do not even require drilling. Keep keys in a hidden place, and get into a habit of locking windows when not in the room or when you go out.

2. Window Stops

Window stops are another way to childproof windows. They allow you to open windows, but only a narrow gap of up to four inches. So even if a child opens the window, it will not open far to pose a risk.

You can confidently leave the room knowing fresh air is entering, but children are also safe.

3. Window Guards

Window guards are usually bars on the windows or a mesh design. They need to be securely screwed to the window frame and prevent a child from falling out. They also have emergency releases in case of fire.

You usually have to install window guards along the open area of a window, such as the bottom half. The window guard you can choose will depend on your window design. Some people combine window screens with window guards for extra peace of mind.

4. Service Your Windows

When babyproofing your windows, do not forget to maintain them. If your windows, and the surroundings, such as the gutters, are serviced, they will be in good condition. This reduces the chance of window functions failing.

Have a service each year, and consider any childproof window tips given. When children are old enough, you can also use the service time to talk about window safety, so they are aware too.

5. Childproof Shades

The cords or sashes of blinds and curtains can also be a risk to children. Pick cordless shades or tie cords up high so children cannot reach them. There are plenty of designs available, and styles including motorized blinds!

How to Childproof Windows

Babyproofing windows only require some simple steps. You can take basic precautions, such as moving climbable furniture away from windows. Or you can take extra steps, such as installing window alarms!

However, these childproof window tips are easy to apply and will give you peace of mind. Whether you install window locks, childproof shades, or all of the above steps, it does not matter. What matters is that you can confidently say you have childproof windows.

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