Keeping Babies Occupied with a Steering Wheel Toy

It’s a parent’s job to ensure their baby gets the love and attention they deserve. Though sometimes, they need to be left alone to play and discover things by themselves and also to give the parents a bit of time to relax. For the babies to have their fun-time as well, you need to give them a toy that will keep them busy for long hours.  Kids adore the rabbit chairs and they simply love to sit on them.

There may be one particular toy where babies will have a good time playing with, and that’s the steering wheel toy. You might ask yourself why this toy? There are steering wheel toys that have a ton of features and not just the steering wheel itself. This is going to give the baby tons of features to play with., while a few are listed below:

Buttons and Knobs

Every baby will be curious about what they touch. It’s important for the toy to have other features aside from the usual horn you see in a conventional steering wheel. It needs to have other buttons to push to make the baby occupied. Even a simple, colorful button on the steering wheel will already make the baby happy.

Aside from the buttons, you can’t just have a steering wheel if there isn’t a shifter on it. The knob at the front of the steering wheel toy can help recreate the feeling of driving a manual transmission car. If adults can get their fun out of it, how much more for babies? Most of the time, the knobs can be pushed from side to side.

Colorful Graphics and Lights

Babies would notice the steering wheel toy only if it is of certain or multiple colors. This is the reason for baby toy manufacturers to make their toys as colorful as possible. It is to entice them and make sure it’s the first thing they see in a room. To keep your baby glued to the steering wheel for a long time, the toy would have colorful graphics at the front of the steering wheel behind a clear plastic glass to avoid the graphics from getting peeled off.

What’s the use of graphics if the baby can’t see them? Adding in lights is the best way to resolve this issue. The baby might get so attached to it that they might end up sleeping with it at night. And if ever they want to see the graphics, there need to be lights to show it. But these lights aren’t too bright as the brightness can damage the eyes, especially if the baby is in a room with no ample lighting.


When you go on road trips, this is the time where the baby needs to stay comfortable as much as possible. What’s good about the steering wheel toy is it sometimes comes with a pillow attached behind it. This is really helpful if you don’t want to bring a large pillow on car trips. You can simply flip over the steering wheel and use the pillow for the baby to rest its head-on.

These are just some of the features that can be added to the steering wheel toy. It may not be a lot, but these can guarantee that the baby will have a blast playing with it. They only live for the simple things, which is why it won’t be too hard making them happy by giving them a fun, toy steering wheel.