Jobs in Indonesia

One of the most popular countries for tourism, is in a warm climate…. Indonesia, which includes the very famous island of Bali. Every year, even in the context of a pandemic, many people come to relax in body and soul, because besides the sea there is beautiful nature and many architectural and religious monuments. But people come here not only to rest, but to work here. Agriculture dominated the economy for more than a hundred years, and the services sector is now active, especially tourism, which employs about half of the local labour force.

Jobs in Indonesia are available in a variety of areas, but the biggest job openings are in the sector that makes the most money in the economy – that is, tourism. This is the area where most vacancies can be found. There are, of course, few exceptions. But to work in any other country you will have to adapt to local customs and social norms. Most of the territory is characterized by high humidity and a hot tropical climate that is not suitable for everyone. But still, working in Indonesia is a great opportunity to make money in a warm climate and under good conditions, working in a less complicated job.

What vacancies in Indonesia are in demand among foreign workers?

Most of the vacancies in the service sector, as well as in the hotel and restaurant industries, are in that country. There are a lot of tourists all year round, and even though there are two seasons – dry season and rainy season – tourists come to Indonesia all year round, because the temperature remains comfortable for both the tan and the bathing. It affects the people who are going to work. The burden on the people who serve the tourists is not only several months in any season but year-round. Therefore, it is possible to get a job here all year round, the main thing is to get the job where you can work. Here is a list of certain occupations for which foreign workers are most frequently sought:

  • Waiter
  • Janitor
  • Barista
  • Chef
  • Vegetable or fruit picker
  • Packer
  • Loader
  • Hostess
  • Driver
  • Delivery man
  • Cashier
  • Locksmith
  • Car mechanic
  • Manager

These are vacancies in the areas of tourism and services, which are the most developed in Indonesia. There are also vacancies for those who wish to find better-paying jobs and have the necessary education and skills to do so. It could be a job like an architect, an engineer, a restorer, a doctor, a financier, an accountant, an auditor. But there are fewer such vacancies than those mentioned above.

Also, sometimes wealthy local residents or visitors or tourists who temporarily live here hire private drivers, nannies and guards. These jobs are even less common, but they still happen and you may be lucky enough to find a job in a place like this.

What are the requirements for those who want to work in Indonesia?

The most important request to anyone who wants to work in Indonesia is a sure command of the English language. In a country with such developed tourism, this is more than a requirement. In addition, if you are lucky enough to work in the field of tourism, you will need to know English at a high level in order to work.

In addition to English, the local population communicates in Indonesian and Dutch, and English is often used in business. You don’t have to know Dutch, but you need to learn Indonesian at a basic level.

Education is only needed for those who are going to work in high-paying jobs, and certain qualifications are required for the job. Work experience is more frequent, but mostly the prospective employee must have 1-3 years of work experience. There are also vacancies for those who have no work experience but pay less.

Above all, you have to get a visa, as work without it is severely punished. Illegal work is sanctioned by up to five years’ imprisonment or a fine equivalent to $35,000.

What is the salary of foreign workers in Indonesia?

The average wage in Indonesia in 2021 is about $565 – $635 per month. This is the approximate salary of an employee with qualifications but without a higher education diploma. People who come to work without work experience or education are likely to receive a minimum salary, or a little more. The official minimum salary depends on the region, for example, in Jakarta, the rate is approximately $310 per month. Although it seems small, in Indonesia the prices are quite small too, so you won’t be very uncomfortable living here while working, even if you get the minimum wage.

How can you seek a job in Indonesia?

You can use the services of special agencies that help people find jobs in different lands, but you can also look for them yourself. Agency services cost money. Internet searches are free. And through sites like the Layboard, this search becomes easier, as such sites clearly specify the requirements for those who want to work on a particular job, as well as the terms of cooperation. For example, some employers may provide overseas workers with a place to live while they are working.