Itchy skin – the cause and remedies

Itchy skin is something everybody has dealt with, either as a kid or even as an adult. Our mothers and grannies would often try and heal it with cream for itchy skin, some aloe vera, or even a good long bath. But if things do not heal in due course of time, it could become a severe infection of some sort that even a simple cream for itchy skin cannot fix. That is the cue to visit a dermatologist. Self-diagnosis is okay if things are not too serious, but it is better to see a professional than complicating things for worse.

Symptom and Causes of Dry Itchy Skin

Itchy skin could be a symptom of either an underlying health condition, an illness, or it could also be because of non-health-related issues.

A few of these reasons where the underlying cause is not as critical as having an illness but could be something to look out for and take care of are:

  • An insect bite.
  • Hair regrowth under the skin dermis.
  • Skin infection.
  • A nasty sunburn.
  • An allergic reaction to either food or any other substance.
  • Wounds that have partially healed.

Now, these issues could quickly be taken care of either by using a cream for itchy skin, applying sunscreen, or just cleaning it regularly with warm water and some soap.

But there are some cases where the reason for having dry, itchy skin could be an underlying illness, which people should treat with a medical expert’s help. Some of these underlying issues could be:

  • A drug reaction.
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Urticaria and Atopic dermatitis.
  • Nerve disorders.
  • Anxiety and Stress easily affect the senses by affecting the nervous system and causing skin inflammation which could turn into a nasty rash due to excessive toxins in the body.
  • A fungal or bacterial infection that, if gone unnoticed, could spread to the entire body and could also spread from person to person.

Methods to adopt to prevent itchy skin

There are several preventive methods to adopt to treat an itchy skin condition that could peak during cold winters. A few of them is briefly explained below:  

  • Skin Moisturization: Skin needs to stay hydrated, just like how the body needs water to function normally. A good moisturizer, followed by an effective cream for itchy skin, will leave the skin feeling like a million bucks. A skincare routine after a shower is the best habit to develop; this way, this step will remain consistent.
  • Avoid hot water on the skin: It is a well-known fact that the human body produces certain natural oils to care for the skin naturally, and if the individual bathes in hot water, chances of the skin getting extremely dry, itchy, and flaky are high, as these body oils get lost in the heat.
  • Please read the labels carefully: It is always good to check the ingredients list of any skincare product. Fragrance-free, gentle, and soothing skincare is better to use, as skincare with fragrances usually contains alcohol that dries the skin and damages it. Products with natural oils such as jojoba oil and olive oil, petroleum, glycerine etc., are best suited for skin.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Comfortable, breathable clothes are a simple solution to all skin problems as the skin is allowed to breathe, and sweating chances are less as the air dries quickly, such that no bacterial rash forms.

Author:  Alison Lurie