Is Your Teen Thriving in Online Learning? Here’s Why.

Some parents are noticing a funny thing: as their teen’s education moves online due to the ongoing lockdown measures, their teen seems to be flourishing academically. Rather than negatively affecting their focus and aptitude, the move to e-learning has made school easier and more rewarding. What’s going on? 

If you’ve noticed that your teen is thriving in their new online learning environment, you’re not alone. There are good reasons for the improvement. Online learning, especially through dedicated, private online schools, offers a wide range of benefits for students. 

In this article, let’s look at a few of the reasons why your teen is prospering in an online learning setting, and why you might consider allowing them to finish high school online when the pandemic lifts. 

Self-Paced Learning

A key reason your teen might be excelling in an online setting as opposed to a conventional classroom is that the former allows for self-paced learning. 

Every student is different – where some might naturally excel at science, others are natural wizzes in English. That doesn’t mean the science-proficient student can’t learn English; it just means the concepts and coursework may take them more time and energy. 

Because online learning is self-paced, students are able to allot their time and energy into subjects and concepts they find difficult. They can go faster in the subjects they’re familiar with, and slower in subjects with which they struggle. 

Distraction-Free Focus

Another reason for your teen’s academic improvement may be the removal of distractions. Some “distractions” aren’t all bad: social lives, play and extracurricular pursuits are fundamental parts of being a kid. But distractions like negative social interactions (bullying, arguing, peer pressure) can certainly impact a student’s academic performance

Continuing with online learning once the lockdown is over can allow your teen to continue their positive social interactions off school hours, while removing their negative social interactions during school hours. 

Flexible Schedules with More Free Time

Once a student hits the front parking lot at the beginning of a school day, it’s go, go, go. They shuffle between classes, social interactions, sports, extracurricular obligations, rifling through their locker for papers… It can be difficult to digest, much less retain, new information with a schedule that hectic. 

Online learning streamlines the school experience so that teens can feel they have personal and emotional space. If they’re tired, they can take a break. If they can’t possibly concentrate, they don’t risk missing out on crucial course material. 

It May Be a Simple Matter of Sleep

Finally, it may just be that your teen is getting a better night’s sleep. Remove the mandatory start time, remove the transit time and the quick turnaround deadlines on homework, and all of a sudden your kid get a better night’s sleep. 

As everyone knows, sleep is important to a teenager. They need roughly 8-10 hours to function their best.  

If your teen is flourishing in their new, online educational setting, you may consider continuing their learning online throughout high school.