Is the pipe relining Sydney NSW worth it?

The plumbing industry has been in existence for centuries however there’s still plenty of progress and innovation to be found in today’s plumbing industry. One area of interest is pipe relining. It’s a one-hole option to the traditional two-hole sewer line replacement. Although very few plumbers provide pipe relining services, my business has grown to nearly exclusively provide it. Here are some reasons why pipe relining Sydney NSW like The Relining Company is a viable and economical option you might be interested in.

Understanding pipe relining

Relining pipes is the process of shooting a liner stuffed by epoxy resin inside the pipe host. The liner will then set and is essentially the new inside of the pipe. The process is as follows:

  • Install a camera in the host pipe, to measure the distance;
  • Cut a custom liner;
  • The resin should be impregnated in the liner (I make use of Hammerhead with an a 50-year guarantee);
  • The liner is loaded into the drum, which transforms the liner into the pipe
  • Make use of the calibration tube (a tool that expands similar to balloons within the pipe) to pull the liner in such a way it is flush with the host pipe. The force exerted by the calibration tube is used to push out any resin that is not needed; and
  • Let the liner cure at room temperature, a process that can take up to four hours.

Although pipe relining has been all over Europe but it gained momentum in within the United States in the mid-1990s. So, pipe relining is just beginning to take off and only a tiny number of plumbing firms provide this service. My company is one of four businesses in the Kansas City area offering this service.

Barriers to entry

Cost is among the primary reasons why the process of relining pipes has taken a long time to take off. It’s a significant investment of around $80,000, that’s twice the cost of a burst head and pulling machine. Pipe relining can be an investment in the long-term It’s worth the investment because of three reasons.

  • The procedure is less disruptive than pipe bursting
  • The final product is more extensive and more superior.
  • It saves the customer money both in the short and long-term.

The technology behind the relining of pipes is evolving. My business relies on curing in ambient conditions that takes around four hours steam curing, blue light curing is accessible, but at a costs. For instance, with blue light curing, the time to curing is cut down to only five minutes, however the cost of the technology is around $150,000. It is up to you to determine what costs are appropriate for your company and then proceed from there.

Long-term benefits of pipe relining

Pipe relining is the modern solution to the age-old issue solving sewer line issues in a cost effective and efficiently. I suggest this service because I’m confident it works. If I can help customers save money while offering them an improved product, this is the solution I’m looking for. By relining pipes, I can blast liner to the street , often saving my clients tens of thousands of dollars in the long haul.

If more people are aware of the reasons why pipe relining is a effective solution to problems with sewer lines and issues, they’ll be able make better choices for their businesses and homes.