Is Standing Mirror Really a Cheaper Choice?

A full-length mirror is an incredible décor element that wholly satisfies the need for aesthetic beauty and augmented functionality. There are tons of unique design ideas revolving around floor-length standing mirrors and these mirrors are often deemed more practical and functional than their hanging counterparts. That’s the reason why these mirrors have become immensely popular in today’s world of design and are the preferred choice of design enthusiasts in search of something exceptional.

These loose framed pieces of decorative mirror allow homeowners to practice design ingenuity and create something truly exceptional. These mirrors are also relatively cheaper than their wall-hanging counterparts and here we will review why these mirrors are more functional and a better design choice?

Why Standing Mirror is more Functional?

In the world of contemporary design, aesthetics and functionality go hand-in-hand. There is an overwhelming desire to select such design options that provide better functionality without compromising visual beauty & aesthetics. This notion led to the popularity of framed floor-length mirrors and their applications continue to rise in and around the living space. These mirrors seamlessly blend in with the interior theme and benefit the overall aesthetics in a functional way.

The standing mirror serves as a movable & portable décor element that can be moved around the interior space effortlessly. These loose decorative pieces leaning freely on the walls allow homeowners to gain maximum benefit from the effect of reflection and inject a sense of roominess in the interior space. Perhaps their saggy look adds to their characteristic aesthetic beauty and makes them more functional and unique.

Another amazing thing about these mirrors is the way they work with other décor elements and furniture. These mirrors play a pivotal role in augmenting the visual beauty of nearby décor elements and often shines like the room’s unique focal point. Contemporary design enthusiasts often recommend developing a contrast between the frame and wall finish to allow these mirrors to gain the attention they deserve.

The Cost of Buying Standing Mirror

The Cost of Buying Standing Mirror

A full-length mirror often costs somewhere between $50 – $200 depending on the size, shape, and the quality of the frame. However, these mirrors are relatively cheaper than their wall-hanging counterparts and also minimizes the cost of installation and other required assembling accessories. Homeowners can easily move and place these loose mirrors anyplace around the home and the resulting beauty enhancement is incredibly hard to ignore.

These floor-length mirrors have countless amazing applications in and around the living space and in commercial settings. Every room and space can surely benefit from the reflective beauty of these mirrors and their key functional benefits make them stand out from the rest.

Homeowners can place these slick and trendy mirrors in the bedroom, vanity room, living space, near the entrance, or many other spaces. Besides this, these mirrors also work the best in commercial settings and are widely used in stores and restaurants for beauty and functionality purposes.

How Standing Mirror is a Cheaper Option?

How Standing Mirror is a Cheaper Option

The wall-hanging mirrors surely possess the beauty and magnificence of their own yet there are many additional costs associated with it. These include installation, workers, and accessories cost. Mitigating these additional costs, a standing mirror only charges the homeowner for the mirror piece and homeowners get to relish the beauty of an exceptional mirror at an exceptionally low price.

Keeping all this in view, homeowners often wonder why they aren’t using these amazing mirrors to augment the beauty of their interior space. Leaning back against the wall or hidden behind a trunk or a cupboard, these mirrors surely make an astounding design impact. It’s not only the aesthetic beauty of these full-length mirrors that make it worth the cost.

Yet, it’s the unique sense of illusion created by these reflective surfaces that truly wins the design enthusiasts and lovers’ hearts. These mirrors perfectly reciprocate the beauty of a fancy floor or a modern ceiling and also shadows the design flaws in either one of the two. Placed at a perfect angle in a perfect way, these mirrors can truly revamp the entire outlook of the interior space.

From Where to Buy Such Mirrors at Cheap Price?

From Where to Buy Such Mirrors at Cheap Price

Homeowners and design enthusiasts can buy these exceptional full-length mirrors at cheap price at Fab Glass and Mirror. They can select from a wide range of exclusive mirror options and styles to decorative and renovate their interior space. These full-length mirrors augment the aesthetic beauty and functionality of living space and their overall benefits definitely exceeds their price.

Homeowners in search of delicate and fancy standing mirrors can surely find their perfect décor match at Fab Glass and Mirror. Made with modernistic glass, these mirrors are designed to endure the tests of time and wholly satisfy the ever-evolving design needs of contemporary homeowners.