Is Sex Important in a Relationship? Here’s What You Need to Know

So, how important is sex in a romantic relationship?

Turns out, it’s pretty important. There are so many proven benefits from having regular sex with your partner, including better self-image (for both partners), stronger bonds, less stress, and better sleep.

While it’s totally natural for the amount of sex to decrease after the honeymoon phase, it’s important that it doesn’t completely disappear from the radar. But sometimes, between stress, busy schedules, ruts in the relationship, changing sex drives, and hormone levels, sex gets put on the back burner. When this happens, you and your partner may feel less connected than before, which can lead to a variety of relationship problems.

This begs the question: What is the ideal frequency of having sex?

While there isn’t a concrete “ideal” amount, some research suggests you can stay happy by having sex just once a week! Moreover, having sex more than once a week doesn’t necessarily make you any happier. The study suggests that all you need is sex once a week (or at least 52 times per year) to maintain a happy, sexually satisfying relationship.

If you feel like you and your partner are in a sexual rut, here are some tips to get your sex life back on track:

Talk about your needs in the bedroom

If you are not feeling satisfied by the amount of sex in your relationship, the first thing you should do is talk to your partner about it. Even couples with good communication can struggle when trying to talk about sex because of the intimate and vulnerable nature of the conversations. But  if you want to increase the amount of sex, you have to throw that shyness out the window! How else can you ensure you’re both feeling satisfied in the bedroom?

Schedule it

Scheduling sex might not sound sexy, but sometimes it’s necessary—and there’s nothing wrong with it! Putting sex on the calendar gives you something to look forward to over the course of the week. Building the anticipation can actually make sex more enjoyable!

Plan romantic activities

If scheduling isn’t your thing, you can try planning romantic activities that can eventually lead to sex. How about a romantic date night at your favorite restaurant, surprising your partner with a home cooked meal, or scheduling a couple’s massage? Planning something that you know puts your partner in the mood can help increase the amount of sex in your life.


Take a trip

Sometimes the best way to reignite the sexual spark is to take a romantic vacation. The location and duration of your vacation don’t really matter as long as you get some time to yourselves. (Especially if you have kids!) Once you return from the trip, it’s important to keep the momentum going and continue to have sex on a regular basis.

Focus on other forms of intimacy

Sometimes, focusing on other forms of intimacy can help lead to more sexual intimacy. Try increasing emotional intimacy by working on better communication, showing more vulnerability, and connecting with your partner. You can also try other forms of physical intimacy besides sex, such as cuddling, massages, or simply holding hands on the couch. Likewise, you can also bring newness by spicing up the things in your bedroom. You can introduce adult toys to your partner and integrate them into your intimate sessions. For instance, many couples use rose toys to heat things under the sheets these days. It is a fantastic toy working wonders and exciting intimacy among partners. It is easy and safe to use; you can check this guide on ‘how to use the rose toy‘ for more information. Blending different forms of intimacy is a sure-shot way to improve your relationship with your significant other.

Get creative

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, consider watching porn as a couple, reading erotic stories, or trying some new bedroom games. Just make sure you’re both comfortable and on the same page about exploring different options.

If you’re worried about being in a sexual rut, don’t be! Every relationship goes through droughts, but as long as you’re both committed to getting things back on track, you’ll be headed back to the bedroom in no time.