Is It a Good Idea to Do Online Marriage Counseling?

A couple of years ago, the idea of running online therapy sessions was generally frowned upon. Reputable psychologists warned about attending an online meeting with an unlicensed counselor, and in some states, therapy via phone or computer was illegal. However, research showed that couples found online marriage coaching effective. And, more importantly, times have changed. At some point in the relationship, every couple is going to encounter some challenges.

Marriage counseling became increasingly popular, and that’s a good thing – couples want to repair their relationship instead of throwing away months or even years of being together. When problems arise, it’s better to act fast. But what if you need professional help and the specialist you want to contact lives in a different area? What if you can’t meet with your therapist physically during this difficult time? Experts from Survive Divorce are going to explain everything you need to know about online marriage counseling. Keep on reading to find out whether it’s worth considering.

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Why do you need marriage counseling?

You may wonder if marriage counseling is necessary for you. If you’re experiencing troubles in your relationship, you may want to consider it. Couples therapy and counseling can help you and your partner work through your problems and talk about your issues under the guidance of a professional. You’ll learn critical coping and communication skills you lacked before. This way, there will be a chance for you to build stronger foundations for a more solid relationship. Both in-office and online sessions have the same benefits in the long run. If you can’t meet with your therapist in person, choosing to do online marriage counseling can have a genuinely healing effect on your relationship.

What’s going to happen during an online session?

Marriage counseling is focused on current events, while couples therapy deals with past events that may have led to issues you’re currently experiencing. If there’s a need, you’ll be able to combine them. You, your spouse, and your online counselor will come up with a treatment plan and assessments regarding your relationship. Your sessions will be based on these plans and assessments, and you’ll learn to talk under the guidance of a professional. What’s more, an online counselor is going to help you develop healthy communication skills. You’ll be taught how to communicate both assertively and lovingly. Your counselor will also provide you with explanations and examples of healthy communication, help you understand how you communicate at the beginning of your therapy, assist you during role-play of effective communications, and encourage you to continue using healthy communication patterns after sessions.

The right environment for counseling

Marriage counselors who run in-office therapy sessions have their offices decorated in some way. Even if you haven’t attended a traditional session, you can probably imagine how the interior looks like. The truth is, the design is quite generic. Of course, some counsellors are going to sit behind the desk while others may prefer sitting in an armchair in front of you. You may be given a sofa or separate chairs. In-office sessions are supposed to help as many couples as possible, that’s why you won’t see something customized or related to your relationship unless you bring it with you. Online counseling allows you to create an environment that can help you feel the most comfortable during the session. You may enjoy sitting in your favorite armchair or looking at your pictures or artwork, reminding you about happier times in your relationship. If you want, you can take your tablet or laptop outside and have a session in your garden or on a patio. Whatever makes you feel the most convenient – do it! Thanks to online marriage counseling, you can meet with your therapist on your terms, in the comfort of your own home.


If you’ve ever had to pay for counseling services from your own pocket, you probably know how high the rates can be. With online therapy sessions, however, the costs are significantly lower. What’s more, a traditional session usually lasts an hour. Online services are more flexible due to a large number of therapists available. Some of them provide services that can last as little as 10 minutes. The length of the meeting is obviously going to impact the price. If you need marriage counseling, but in-office therapy is no longer available, or you couldn’t afford it before, consider attending a session online.

The outcome

Studies prove that in-person marriage counseling, online marriage counseling, and online therapy are equally effective. All these methods can help you and your spouse improve your relationship behaviors, leading to the creation of a new foundation based on mutual respect. Regular sessions can help you rekindle the flame in your relationship and remind you what attracted you in the first place. Your counselor is going to be impartial. Their goal is to show you the way to work together, not against each other. Because of that, you’ll have a safe place to discuss relationship problems you may have been avoiding. Learning how to speak openly and honestly about marriage and its issues can, in turn, lead to real solutions that may end up saving your relationship.

There are no perfect relationships. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on yours whenever problems arise. Online marriage counseling can help you work through your issues and disagreements with understanding and respect, as well as teach you how to deal with future problems in a healthy way. If your relationship is going through a crisis, doing online counseling is definitely worth considering.