Is a Golf Simulator Worth Buying?

Whoever loves golf and wants to practice golf throughout the year, will obviously look for an indoor system that will allow them to continue playing their favorite sport. And that kind of indoor system of playing golf is known as a simulator. A golf simulator is an advanced system where you can practice golf at your home and in a graphically arranged environment.

As a golf lover, you might also love to have a simulator at your own home, garage, or your office. But before buying a golf simulator, many questions may arise in your mind like how much a golf simulator is if a golf simulator is worth buying, what features a golf simulator has, or what benefits you are going to enjoy, etc. You might quickly start researching the simulators to look for the answers to your queries. And that’s the reason we arranged this article providing every detailed information to help you find out the answers of your curiosity relevant to buying a simulator. Just stay with us.

To know the fact of whether a golf simulator is worth buying or not, you need to know how much golf simulator costs. Let’s see at a glance.

How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?

There are simulators on the market that are available under $700. And there are some simulators priced at $75,000 or even more than it. So the average price range is $1000-$70,000.

All golf simulators are not the same in quality. So they vary in prices too. Both the expensive and inexpensive simulators are available on the market.

Don’t think much about your budget. You get the opportunity of using the best quality simulators of the renowned brands on a budget. Stay here and you will know.

Is a Golf Simulator Worth Buying?

When you can practice golf by a golf simulator at your home within a controlled environment, whatever the season is, whatever the outside temperature is, if it doesn’t bother you playing, then yes, it is obviously worth buying.

Imagine, you are able to continue practicing golf but you don’t have to go to any golf courses. Or you are entertaining yourself in your leisure time even at unfavorable weather. At the same time, you are improving your game by gaining the next level. So, think whether a golf simulator is worth buying or not. You get your answer. Now let’s be more specific.

There are two important questions. You might already want to ask. Or we want to inform you:

  1. What golf simulator is worth buying? 
  2. Why is a golf simulator worth buying?

Yes, simulators are worth buying it simply depends on what simulator you are buying. If it’s high-quality, advanced featured, and provides accurate data measurements, then you will get the benefit. But if it’s not so, it might disappoint you.

So what’s to do? You need to research and give much time to select the best simulators on the market. In this case, it may take your time. But don’t worry. Here is a list of 10 best golf simulators with their features and products. You will also get the details of the benefits you are going to enjoy from these simulators.

The second question is “why?”. Another important thing you require to know. Let’s know it elaborately.

Top 5 Reasons Why a Golf Simulator Is Worth Buying

You have already known that a high-quality golf simulator is worth your buying. But if you learn about the detailed reason, it will certainly consolidate your idea. In this segment, we are talking about the top 5 reasons why it is worth buying a golf simulator.

1. Ability to join in a competition in rough weather

Suppose you are a beginner golfer. You can’t go out because of the sudden rain. You have to practice to prepare for competition against your friends. Or suppose you are a pro golfer, you are preparing yourself and eagerly waiting to attend a golf tournament. But unfortunately, the weather is getting worse gradually. Now how can you continue your game? Is there any way?

Yes. Your golf simulator will give you the opportunity to practice golf even in the bad weather. What can be more beneficial to play regardless of the weather? So pick yourself up and practice regularly to get ready for your competition.

2. Accurate result and Game Improvement

A golf simulator will give you an accurate result that is very necessary while playing. If you can’t get accurate data, you will probably not want to play further and lose your interest in golf. You get a launch monitor included with your simulator. It gives accurate results of every pinpoint data such as ball trajectory, ball flight, launch angle, and other measurements. Thus you will have an idea of your skill level and it will help you reach the next level of your game.

Through a golf simulator, you can easily improve your game. You can play every day, utilize your leisure time, improve your swing, increase your golf skill, improve your hitting strike, and ultimately improve your game.

Play with the simulator instructions and guidelines. Keep in mind that playing with a simulator of renowned brands will be worth your money than that of a simple brand.

3. Opportunity to play anywhere and anytime

Portable simulators give you the opportunity to play anywhere you want. Seems interesting? Yes, they do, you are allowed to carry a simulator. As it is an important benefit of a simulator that you can play with a portable simulator whenever and wherever you will, it won’t disappoint you at all. Rather you will enjoy it.

Sometimes, you might want to play outdoors and look for an alternative. So the solution is your simulator. Or sometimes, you might need to move your simulator after using it. Because there is not much space in your home. And you need to use a temporary. The solution is ready. The golf simulator that can return your room back to its original form. So won’t it be worth buying?

4. Social time and entertainment

If you have such friends who love to play golf throughout the year or if you have such family members, won’t it be more beneficial for you to practice with them even in the off-season?

Suppose, you are passing a boring time. Some of your golf lover friends appeared and picked you up for a competition at your own home or office. And you can have some real entertainment playing golf with them as golf simulators provide multiplayer capabilities. You can easily swing your mood. So in this case, a golf simulator can be the best choice for you.

Spending time with your family and friends will not only entertain you but also increase your skill level. Sometimes it may turn you from a beginner level to that of a pro. So along with entertainment, you get another benefit. Two in one. In this case, undoubtedly a golf simulator is worth buying.

5. Real experience

Think of the system that will allow you to have a real experience of playing golf at your own home. Yes, I am talking about the simulator system. Everything seems real here. When you hit off, where you hit in, where your ball flies, the distance, the data measurement, the ball trajectory, the greens, all of these will give you a realistic feel.

When you use a simulator, you won’t miss anything of a real course. Rather you will be pleased thinking that you are not going to any golf courses. It will save your course cost. And sometimes playing on a simulator will give you an extra chance to play some renowned courses. For example, the SkyTrak golf simulator offers more than 100,000 courses. This experience often becomes better than that of the real courses.

If you miss a shot, a simulator will give you another opportunity to correct your accuracy. But if you accurately hit, a simulator will reward you by showing your accurate data measurement on the projector screen. Immediate feedback is always ready here. Some simulators will provide you video feedback. And ultimately, these will create a realistic environment with a realistic feel.

Thus when you play on a simulator, the realistic feel and the free courses can give you a much better experience. So in this case, your simulator is obviously worth buying.


Now you might be clear about the whole thing whether a golf simulator is worth buying or not, what’s the reasons behind it, what benefits simulators have, and if the simulators are accurate. Hope you get all the answers to your queries at a glance. But still, if you have more questions, drop here. Or if you want to know anything relevant to the topic, let us know too. If we miss anything or we can add something more in this article, don’t forget to inform us in the comment section. Share your opinions and enjoy golfing.