Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth it?

Picture this: you’ve just renovated your entire house. Replaced all your archaic-looking sofas and curtains with new, aesthetic pieces that reflect your taste and style. You invite guests over to celebrate the new space, secretly hoping they’ll admire your handiwork. But as you open the door to your bathroom and see the grimy tiles and outdated interior, it dawns on you. Why didn’t you think to redo your bathrooms?

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Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth it?

Bathrooms are often taken for granted when you first purchase or rent a house. Their remodeling is not a priority, and they often go unchanged for years. There are many aesthetic, sanitary, and safety reasons to replace old and outdated technology and designs with newer, more sustainable devices.

With online sources like, where you can learn about everything related to bathrooms, you can even do it on your own. Here’s a list of reasons why you should invest in redoing your bathrooms.

Increases the Value of a House

Whether you’re purchasing a house or looking to renovate a rental property, the bathroom is one of the most important features that can make or break a real estate deal.

To have an up-to-date kitchen and bathroom are two immediate ways a client can figure out whether the house is worth the money. Installing the best custom kitchen cabinets Arlington County and upgrading the plumbing fixtures by adding new faucets and showerheads is one simple way to modernize the space.

The bathroom will tend to age quicker than any other room in the house. Why? Because of all the moisture that settles in the walls and floor. This is why you must replace the tiles and paint the walls every few years.

To Match the Aesthetics of your House

It doesn’t make much sense to leave out your bathroom which is undeniably the most used room when you’re on a remodeling spree.

For anyone who is invested in home decor and interior design, you know how important it is for your bathroom to look aesthetically pleasing. There are many ways to match your bathroom with the room it’s in, or to just get creative with the decor.

Improving the lighting, adding accessories such as a basket to hold your essentials to the countertop basin, and replacing your old shower curtains with new ones are a few ways you can revamp the interior.

Depending on the kind of look you’re going for – minimalistic, antique, or retro – you can add a medicine cabinet, shelves, bathroom towel rack and a clothes basket that would both light up your bathroom and act as a storage space.

Sanitary and Safe

An old bathroom is a health hazard. There are mold, mildew, and bacteria everywhere due to consistent exposure to humidity and moisture. This not only makes your bathroom look grimy and grotesque but is also harmful to the body.

Broken tiles, exposed wires, and faulty plumbing are all major signs that you need to remodel your bathroom. Don’t let a malfunctioning toilet become a part of your everyday life – replace it with one that conserves water by flushing automatically.

This may require you to demolish a huge part of your bathroom but think of it as a long-term investment. Once you’ve made major changes to the foundation, you can focus on making it look prettier without worrying about decay.

Sustainability is Important

Caring about the environment isn’t just fashionable or trendy, it’s very important to a more sustainable way of living.

Your old bathroom technology is eating up your electricity and increasing your water usage by a lot. The traditional plumbing isn’t very energy-efficient or environmentally friendly, making it a very outdated model of technology.

However, you can always optimize your shower, sink, and toilet for low-flow. Motion-sensor faucets are the newest technology to reduce the waste of water.

This will not only conserve water but reduce your bill as well – two birds with one stone.

Is a Bathroom Remodel a Good Idea?

The straight-forward answer is yes, absolutely. There are almost no downsides to remodeling your bathroom except that it will take time, money, and effort. But the results are promising. You can check out for a detailed review of how best to remodel your bathroom.

Whether you’re a homeowner or buyer, remember that a remodeled bathroom can dramatically increase the value of a house. Meanwhile, if you own a small house, these tips on how to maximize small space will surely help you a lot.