Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

When was the last time you gave your home a makeover? If you’re still trying to make decor and furniture from 2010 work in your space, you’re overdue for an upgrade.

Let us help you stay ahead of the hottest new home decor trends to be on the lookout for. Keep reading to find the hot 2022 interior design trends to consider for your home.

Throw It Back

Just like clothing, make-up, and hairstyles, home interiors go through cycles that pay homage to the “good ol’ days.” Decor that was in every 1970 home is going to be popping up in all modern homes in 2022.

If you’re lucky, you have parents or grandparents who held onto their furniture knowing it would come back into style someday. If not, you will have to hit up the designer home design stores to find the perfect pieces for your space.

You’re going to be seeing accent chairs and sofas in all shades of brown, orange, and yellow. Shag carpeting will be making a comeback as well as gaudy lampshades and lava lamps.

If the ’70s are a bit too far back for your tastes, some key styles from the ’90s are also making a return.

Neon signs are all the rage right now, though they have received a modern update. Gone are the crude “bar” and “live nudes” neon signs that had their heyday in the ’90s. They are instead replaced by cutesy cloud, space, or inspirational quote (e.g., “good vibes”) signs.

Floral wallpaper was popular in the ’90s and you’re going to be seeing it everywhere in 2022. Don’t worry if you’re not committed enough to botanical prints to use real wallpaper and paste. Many manufacturers are now focusing on less permanent (and easier to use) peel-and-stick varieties.

Hello Greenery

Many modern homes are being built to include spaces explicitly for displaying plants or developing home gardens. When you consider the many, it’s not hard to see why we’re prioritizing them in 2022.

There’s no shortage of ways to display your houseplants. Hang them from macrame planters (another vintage trend that’s back in style). Build or buy a plant shelf to display in front of a window.

Air plants in terrariums are another hot trend to consider. They are very low maintenance and easy to keep alive, perfect for every brown thumb in the crowd.

Invest in Futuristic Technology

There’s no denying the hold that technology has taken on our lives. There was a time where technology was only found in our computers, but now it’s used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s no surprise that interior designs have begun using smart technology in their home interiors.

Lighting adds a certain ambiance to every room of your home. Smart technology in your lighting allows you to control the intensity, color, and brightness of your home. Being able to control every aspect of your lighting ensures you can set the mood no matter the occasion.

If you consider yourself an artist, you might invest in a 3D printer to DIY your own art. These high-tech printers can make almost anything you can think of from lamps to vases to furniture and everything in between.

The thing with smart technology is that it can cost quite a bit up front. You might consider getting a home improvement loan to help manage the initial investment.

Go Back to Basics

If you want to be ahead of the 2022 home trends, you should consider repainting your space. While bright walls and pops of color were a hit in the recent past, the focus is now on going back to the basics.

Shades of black, white, and grey used to be considered bland, but now designers are choosing them more often than not. Neutral colors make your space feel calm and relaxing. Neutrals are blendable, versatile, and allow for a wide range of decor options. You can also check out hdb interior design for more great options.

Bold wall colors tend to take center stage which causes your home decor to fade into the background. Neutral shades allow for the textural elements of your space to be the center of focus for once.

The great thing about neutrals is that they go with almost any other color. You can still have pops of color in your space and they won’t clash.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is nothing new. In fact, it’s been dominating the last decade or so thanks to TV shows and best-selling books. Don’t expect this trend to change in 2022, either.

Minimalism focuses on simplicity and objectivity. It acts as part lifestyle choice part design trend.

Choosing to have fewer things in your home has many benefits that. When there is clutter in your space, it’s harder for your brain to focus. Clutter can cause poorer working memory and cause your brain to overload.

There are several steps to take once you decide to embrace minimalism in your home.

Only the absolutely necessary furniture should stay. Do you need the clutter-covered coffee or side tables in your living room? when was the last time you sat on the clothing-covered accent chair in your bedroom?

Accent decorations should be kept to a minimum. A simple vase with fresh or high-quality faux flowers will make a beautiful statement in your kitchen or dining room. Also, glass kitchen splashbacks are a good option that makes your interior more beautiful. Your office desk with a single-family photo will be easier to focus at than one covered in stationary and pens.

The focus should be on quality over quantity. Instead of having hundreds of items collecting dust in your home, a minimalist will have just a few things they really love.

Landscape Palettes

Although consumers continue to be drawn to calming greens, grays, and earth tones, this is not always just a matter of personal taste. Smart designers are embracing the call to create spaces that feel connected to the outdoors in the color of walls, furniture, and accessories. An emerging branch of science called neuroaesthetics has established a link between good mental health and aesthetic appeal in both created and naturally occurring environments.

Research has proven that natural color schemes and organic forms like those seen in nature lower blood pressure and pulse rate, enhance productivity and creativity, and make us happy, according to The Trend Curve’s editorial chief, Michelle Lamb. Since humanity currently needs nature’s curative qualities more than ever, perhaps there is a search to further develop this technology.

In his clientele’s homes, AD100 designer Jake Arnold observes that “all shades of brown from ecru to rust to chocolate, dusty pinks, and moss greens” have captured their attention. Arnold, who is renowned for the cozy, minimalist aesthetic of his studio, has used Broccoli Brown and London Stone from Farrow & Ball rather frequently this year. In a stunning bath room in California, we even used a deep coral tint, he says.

Despite original predictions for 2022 calling for significant inspiration from the skies, designers indicate that clients are instead seeking to stay on the ground. Terra-cotta has maintained its allure, most recently seen surrounding the bedroom of stylist Colin King’s Tribeca apartment, according to Anna Baraness and Kristin Tarsi of New York-based Studio AK. As we move away from solely cool tones, we are seeing more warm grays,” they continue. But the color has been used in things other than paint all throughout the house. According to Lisa White, creative director and director of interiors at WGSN, the appeal of terra-cotta tones extends to interiors items across the board, from hard materials like natural stone, oxidized metals, wood, and clay to soft materials like linen, leather, suede, and brushed pile fabrics. Even objects are being tastefully repurposed by being painted with terra clay.

Natural materials

The use of natural materials like rattan, wood, and stone has allowed the biophilic design movement to advance beyond the simple addition of plants to interior design and into the furniture itself. They frequently begin at the bottom and work their way up for Arnold. He claims that this year “we used a lot of abaca rugs.” He contends that the sanctuaries-like feeling we’re always searching for may be achieved by using rattan and jutes in consoles and bedside tables, as well as vintage lighting. He also notes that his studio incorporated “more textures, more textiles, more print and color, with an important focus on timelessness,” in all projects this year.

According to Baraness and Tarsi, “we are all drawn to natural materials, especially oiled or stained woods with grain and stones with movement.” Onyx is one such stone that has gained popularity this year, according to stylist King. When I was styling Gwyneth Paltrow’s home, I became aware of the material being used in a daring way for the first time. In the center of her living room, she has the most stunning onyx bar. For the new Future Perfect Goldwyn House, I just fashioned these heavenly onyx artworks by artist Ian Collings, who says, “These unique stones are being used more and more.”

Over the past two years and counting, there has been an increase in designs that encourage a smooth transition from living room to backyard, where expansive outdoor kitchens and multipart seating areas bring the comforts of home into the outdoors. Now, the interior is being influenced by the exterior. This year, according to Baraness and Tarsi, “indoor-outdoor fabrics are in high demand” as a result of advancements that have “moved leaps and bounds in terms of comfort, color, and texture offerings.”

Growing Focus on Bedroom

It has been difficult for everyone over the past few years. As working from home has become more common, bedrooms are frequently used as workstations. It should go without saying that this particular trend was not suitable for designing an area that will make you feel tranquil and relaxed.

It’s believed that this year will focus entirely on recovering the bedroom as the sleep sanctuary it was intended to be when workspaces begin to open up in 2022. The goal would be to create a room that supports restful sleep.

This year’s design trends include mood lighting, soothing colors, comfortable textures, and thick, cuddly wraps and rugs. Finally, the focus will be on keeping things simple and leaving anything with a digital screen outside of the bedroom door.

The Popularity of Statement Lighting

As it’s anticipated that form will meet function this year, statement lighting will return in 2022. The statement lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and useful, adding to the aesthetics.

In 2022, statement lighting pieces that draw attention to a home’s attractiveness, cast a spotlight on it, and enhance its aesthetic value will be popular. The data by Etsy, which showed a huge 368 percent YoY growth in searches for ’70s lighting and a 20 percent YoY growth in searches for sculptural and decorative lighting, also reflects this.

The Cottagecore Trend

The Cottagecore interior design concept, often referred to as Farmcore or Countrycore, gained traction in 2021. Additionally, the Cottagecore design style is the most searched for design, therefore the trend is anticipated to continue beyond 2022. Content posted on Instagram and TikTok has increased the appeal of Cottagecore design.

The Cottagecore design is a representation of the good life and is inspired by rural lifestyle. Imitating the look of a dreamy cottage in the country is part of the Cottagecore trend. Floral designs, prints, surfaces painted with chalk, wood, and organic texture are used to achieve this.

Colorful Kitchens

Home kitchens won’t just be restricted to bland neutrals, greens, and blue hues in the year 2022. The use of a much wider color spectrum has been on the rise in this area. The design of kitchens in 2022 will be more whimsical and self-assured than before.

Colorful stoves, painted walls, vibrant splashbacks, and accessories are becoming more and more popular. In addition, interior designers are using vibrant, contrasting tones on the kitchen cabinets. This gives the kitchen a contemporary and fun atmosphere.

Additionally, it’s anticipated that in 2022, kitchens will incorporate prints and patterns more frequently than ever before. The year of prints and patterns in the kitchen will be 2022. It can take on any style, from classic or contemporary to aggressive and erratic. In 2022, more designers than ever will experiment with prints, patterns, and vibrant colors in the kitchen.

Nature-inspired pieces

It’s time to use biophilic design to bring the outside inside your indoor living areas. Consider using natural materials that give a neutral element to spaces while also fostering a relaxing atmosphere, such as wood, wicker, and/or rattan. Similar to that, prepare to add more indoor plants for splashes of color that cheer up without competing with the furniture you currently have. Instead of real plants, choose nature-inspired decor items like images of landscapes, wood-textured frames, or woven, natural material if you have pets or boisterous children.

Your home will feel cozier and more open if you establish a visual connection to the outdoors.

Throwback to 1970s Interior Decor

The 1970s are set to make an exciting comeback this year, but with a modern twist, as the design is a cyclical industry. Mid-century modern furniture and rich, warm colors like mustard, burnt orange, and sage will be returning as the decade’s highlights.

Invest in some one-of-a-kind furniture items that showcase the best design features of the era, from peg legs to highly textured fabrics, if you share my enthusiasm for the ’70s revival. Cabinets and tables made of teak wood can help to finish the space’s design and nail the reinterpretation of the traditional style.

Bold Patterns and Bright Colors

Retro designs with vibrant, captivating color schemes are rising in popularity. People want to inject a little excitement into their existing home design, whether it be a statement wall or decorated throw cushions. Choose vibrant pieces that add pops of color to your office, living room, or bedroom to follow this trend. If your design is based primarily on neutral hues, consider adding some interesting patterns that will stick out while still adhering to your style.

Multifunctional Spaces

Taking a cue from 2021, versatile furnishings and environments are here to stay in 2019! Home offices and playrooms must now serve multiple functions and be aesthetically pleasing.

The secret to converting your living room or guest bedroom into a practical home office arrangement is multifunctional furniture. The best approach to utilize your space to the fullest is through creative storage solutions. Storage ottomans double as seating alternatives and places to stow away extra blankets, pillows, and other items. Similar to this, desks with numerous drawers, shelves, or bookshelf extensions can maximize a tiny space.

Curved Furniture

A concentration on circular, curved furniture that gives your home’s rooms dimension and tenderness is the newest interior design fad. Round tables (of any material) eliminate sharp edges that could detract from the design and enable group gatherings where everyone can easily face one another.

A curved sofa can also provide a living area a warm, finishing touch. Look at arching cabinets and round parts instead of angular lines.

Focus on Sustainability

One of the main themes and trends in the previous few years has been sustainable living. The usage of ecological materials, reusing household furnishings, and ethically producing necessities will all receive more attention in 2022.

The attention on climate change and its negative repercussions has made customers more aware of sustainability than ever. This has altered how individuals purchase furniture and household goods. Particularly younger millennial and Gen Z consumers, who favor secondhand furniture and home goods over new ones. 

These are the top interior design fads that will catch on in 2022 or keep growing in popularity starting in 2021. Following these design trends will help you stay positive during the epidemic and everything else life throws at you in addition to making your home look trendy.


In 2022, we might expect to see an emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable designs, a comeback of simplicity and vintage style, and a focus on adaptable spaces. Intelligent design features will continue to be popular as people want to bring the outside in.