Indica Vs Sativa Seeds: What is the Difference?

If you are planning on growing marijuana and you are wondering what type of seeds you should purchase, understanding the difference between Indica and Sativa seeds will help you make your mind up.

Whether you are a regular cannabis user or a newbie, you might have already heard of these two strains. It might be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have visited a well-stocked dispensary in America or a cannabis cafe in Holland, it might be confusing the amount of choice that you have.

Both Indica and Sativa offer the individual who is consuming the substance a different experience. Understanding the difference, and experiencing both strains will help you decide which strain is best for you. Each strain has different effects on the body and mind.


Indica plants tend to be shorter in comparison to Sativa plants. They are often bushy plants that produce large, wide leaves. Indica is a very popular option for those wanting to grow indoors, as the plant tends to grow faster than Sativa plants and can often produce a much higher yield, so you get more marijuana once the harvest is complete.

Indica plants are normally higher in CBD but are often lower in THC content.

Experts recommend that people should use this strain at night time when they want to relax.

Most people who consume Indica cannabis claim it helps them sleep better at night time. Many people use Indica to help treat insomnia.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Indica?

Here are a few of the reasons why Indica is so popular among some, and not so popular with others:


  • Gives the user a body high
  • Helps cure insomnia
  • Helps you relax
  • It can enhance gaming and watching movies
  • Easier to grow indoors


  • Can make you less productive
  • It can affect your thinking
  • Increases your appetite: If you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, Indica can bring on strong feelings of ‘the munchies’. This can lead to all sorts of health issues including obesity and heart problems.
  • Some find it difficult to get off the couch

Regular cannabis users recommend using this at night time, especially if you want your day to be productive. If you want to be more active while using cannabis, consider going for Sativa instead. If you are planning a night in, watching comedy movies, and playing video games, Indica is probably the best choice.


Sativa grows well in warmer climates. You will come across Sativa plants in South East Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. However, in areas like Afghanistan and Jamaica, you will also come across this strain. The plant grows well in hot, dry climates.

Unlike Indica, Sativa is a much more uplifting strain, that is often much higher in THC than Indicas. Because of the high level of THC, if you are new to marijuana, consider asking what levels of THC does the marijuana contain before you try it. Normally, dispensaries and online cannabis stores display the marijuana’s THC levels. If the THC level is very high, the chances are you will not be able to handle the potency of the cannabis.

Sativa is known to give the user an energetic high, hence why it is recommended that they use it during the daytime.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Sativa?

Here are the pros and cons you can expect when using Sativa:


  • Cerebral High
  • Does not cause you to feel sleepy
  • Creativity: Many people feel much more creative when using a Sativa strain. Many students use this form of cannabis to get inspiration for college projects.
  • Productivity: Unlike Indica, Sativa can make you feel much more productive. This is why many prefer to use Sativa during the daytime because it can cause them to feel awake late at night time.


  • Anxiety: Although some people use the strain to help battle their problems with anxiety, some feel it can increase their anxiety levels. If long-time cannabis users decide to quit using cannabis, they often experience a lot of anxiety, making it difficult to completely stop.
  • Increases the individual’s heart rate
  • It can make your mind feel like it’s going one hundred miles an hour
  • It can make you feel restless

Marijuana, both Sativa and Indica strains can affect people differently. Just because you feel like you are energetic and ready to have a productive day, doesn’t necessarily mean your friends are in the same boat.

Different types of Popular Indica Types

There are a lot of different types of cannabis available on the market today. Due to laws rapidly changing, more countries around the world are relaxing their laws of the consumption and sale of marijuana products. This is one of the reasons why many growers are creating new types of cannabis. Here are a few all-time classic types of Indicas:

  • Afghani Indica Strains: This type of Indica marijuana is one of the most well-known types of marijuana on the planet. It smells similar to hash and it produces a powerful high. The growing cycle normally takes just under 60 days.
  • Northern Lights: Again, this another popular Indica strain known all over the globe. The buds produce a strong odor and it tastes sweet. Northern lights are suitable to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Not every climate is ideal for growing Indica outdoors. Before purchasing your seeds, doing some research can save you time, money, and headaches!

Different types of Popular Sativa Types

Here are two of the most popular Sativa strains in the world:

  • Sour Diesel: Also known as ‘Sour D’ is the top-selling Sativa strain in the United States. It offers users long last pain relief so it is ideal for those suffering from joint pain.
  • Lemon Haze: Another big seller is this sweet lemon tasting bud. It is often very high in THC so if you are new to marijuana consider trying this down the line. Although it is a popular Sativa, it is known to mellow the user out.

Before you invest in expensive grow equipment and you spend months tending to your plants, try out the strain that you are intending on growing first. Sativa is often found growing in warmer parts of Asia.