Incredible Virtual Party Ideas For Your Children

Show me a child that does not love a party. Children are social and readily-excitable creatures. They are quick to become enthusiastic at the prospect of stage and age-appropriate party. Birthdays can be a major source of anticipation and hype and made even more so by waiting one whole year for them to come around. This especially to a little person who has only been alive for a few years. The COVID-19 global pandemic has turned the world upside down, at the devastating cost of lives and livelihoods. Moreover, the ramifications go further than these and are endless. With our new way of living as a society, to slow down the viral spread, we have turned to find new ways of celebrating milestones and coming of age. While adults can be relatively reasonable and rational about adapting, for children this can be confusing and isolating. Therefore, it is important to try and create equally as exciting rituals that allow our children to be children, and celebrate the big days, while remaining safe. This discussion looks at the incredible ways you can pull off a virtual party for your little one.

To make a virtual birthday party happen, you, as the parent, will need to do some pre-planning and coordinating with other parents beforehand. First of all, sending out virtual invitations is a fun and necessary part of the event. Your child will likely want to be a part of this process, choosing the artwork and wording of the evite. You will also need to ensure that you provide or loan any supplies or equipment needed at your party guests’ home to support your virtual event, including a device and internet connection. You will also need to communicate with parents to gain buy-in and for them to support their children.

Hire A Virtual Performer

Using one of the many virtual hang-out applications or sites available, you can create an event and then hire an entertainer of sorts to perform for your child and his or her guests. Many party entertainers have begun to offer virtual performances since the emergence of the virus, and you can choose from a selection of options that will suit your child’s preference. A major hit with kids are people like Neb, at, who is both a magician and mind reader. This kind of performance always guarantees laughter as it is the ultimate child-catered humor. Other options would include a snake man, clown, circus performer, someone leading a craft activity, or an actor dressed up as a character from your kid’s favorite Disney film performing a piece.

Arrange A Scavenger Hunt

This will require some planning on your part, as well as collaboration with your children’s party guest parents. Write a list of interesting and adventurous challenges and ways to access hidden goodies around the home. This might mean you need to drop off goodie bags beforehand to help out your kids’ friends folks. If you add a time-limit element, you will increase the race and levels of enthusiasm. This type of party is great because it encourages active engagement and can be adapted to suit everyone’s home environment and what is available.

Arrange A Scavenger Hunt

Lots Of Games

Bingo, Pictionary, 30-Seconds, Monopoly, you name it. Virtual birthday parties lend themselves to a morning or afternoon of playing. You can choose how you want to structure it in terms of teams and rules. As the host parent, you can be in charge of prizes and overseeing the rules of the game. Did you know that Zoom even offers a whiteboard feature? Which is perfect for games with a drawing component. There are online versions of the most popular board games so you should not have any trouble finding and coordinating the choice your child loves best.

Talent Show

How about hosting a virtual talent show? You will need to pre-warn your guests so that they have time to prepare. Each child can present the talent of their choosing and you can arrange judges and prizes. You want to keep it light and fun to ensure children do not feel humiliated or less competent than their friends. You could do silly dress-up performances, playing instruments with household items, or even a baking competition. You will need parental supervision for the latter.

Children love birthday parties and the excitement that comes with them. The recent reality of socially-distanced events in the era of COVID-19 should not have to change that. There are fun and inventive ways that you can support your little one to have the fantastic party they so deserve. It will require some planning and creativity, but it will be worth it when you get to see the smiles and hear the giggles of your child and his or her virtual guests. Hopefully, this guide can spark some ideas for ways you can host the best virtual party for your child.