In a New Relationship? 12 Best Gifts to Give

The holidays are just around the corner. Shopping for a gift for your new partner might be overwhelming if you are in a blossoming relationship. You want to choose something personal to make them feel special, but you also don’t want to freak them out by getting them something too big too soon.

When choosing a gift for your new romantic partner, DO:

  • Pick a personal gift that reflects their personality
  • Include a note or card stating how much you care
  • A DIY gift, especially if you have a particular hobby or skill
  • Consider gifting an experience rather than a physical item


  • Spend hundreds of dollars; you don’t want your new partner to feel guilty if they spend less.
  • Purchase tickets for an event months in the future unless you’re optimistic you’ll still be together

If you’re having trouble brainstorming gift ideas, here are twelve gift ideas, including men’s graphic hoodies, bath bombs, and more you can give if you’re in a new relationship.

1. Date Night in a Box

Create your perfect date night by building a custom box for you and your new partner. Fill it with things you know you’ll both enjoy. Introduce them to your favorite movie you can’t believe they’ve never seen! Include ingredients to make a homemade pizza and a bottle of wine. It’s a thoughtful and personal gift that shows your new partner you can’t wait to spend even more time with them.

2. Graphic Hoodie

Add some flair to your partner’s closet with men’s graphic hoodies. Choose a psychedelic pattern he could wear to the next festival you attend together, or pick a comic print that reflects one of your inside jokes. Every time he pops on his graphic hoodie, it’ll be like you are giving him a warm hug.

3. Your Favorite Book

Share your love of reading with your new partner by gifting them a copy of your favorite book you read this year. Personalize it with a note on the inside cover about why you think they’ll enjoy the story. If you annotate your books, you could consider giving them your annotated copy to give your new partner some insight into the workings of your mind.

4. A New Card or Boardgame

Everyone loves game night! A game is a great gift idea for new and old relationships. You and your new partner can cuddle up by the fire with some cocoa and get to know each other a little better. Get to know your partner better with Hygge, a Scandanavian game meant to encourage cozy conversations.

5. Cookie-Making Kit

Have some fun in the kitchen with your partner this holiday season and bake some cookies together. Pick out some holiday-themed cookie cutters and fill a basket with all the essential ingredients to make some sugary treats.

6. Initial Jewelry

Nothing says romance at the holidays, quite like gifting your partner with jewelry. Get your partner chic initial jewelry. You can find quality and trendy necklaces and bracelets without breaking the bank.

7. Signature Fragrance

Create a signature scent for your partner with Waft. Not only can you create a unique personalized fragrance for your partner, but Waft will also include two other personalized scents so your partner can use the three scents to create their ideal signature perfume.

8. Gourmet Coffee

Brighten up your new partner’s mornings by gifting them with delicious gourmet coffee. Pick out one of your favorite roasts or grab it from the local coffee shop where you met up for your first date.

9. Air-Popper Popcorn Maker

If your partner loves a good movie night, get them an air popper so they can make movie theater-quality popcorn from the comfort of their own home. You can make eight, sixteen, or even twenty-four ounces of popcorn with this thing, ensuring you’ll have enough for their annual Harry Potter Marathon.

10. Silly Socks

You’ve got to wear socks daily – why not gift your new partner some fun ones to make them smile? Printed socks can be a quirky addition to a suit for attending upscale events, or pick out some plush socks for your partner to cuddle up with on cold winter nights.

11. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can elevate any tub into a relaxing spa experience. Your partner will love relaxing in the warm water while soothing scents like lavender or chamomille melt all the stress of the day away.

12. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Crank up the tunes on all the adventures you and your partner take together by gifting them a portable Bluetooth speaker. Now, you two can have dance parties wherever you go without sharing a set of headphones.