Important Things to Know When Living with a Depressed Partner


If your partner has been diagnosed with depression, you must know the role that you need to play and how to live with them and the depression. Also, you need to seek help from any of the top institutions of mental health Kentucky residents trust.

The most important thing to note is that no one chooses to have depression. It is not in any way a lifestyle choice. Depression is an illness like any other. If a family member is diagnosed with it, it will have an impact on the entire family. Not only do you need to understand this, but you also need to arm yourself with all the information you can amass. In addition to seeing top psychiatrists Louisville ky, you also need to know the following. View here to learn more about psychiatrist phoenix.

Depression is not a permanent situation

Depression works by hijacking the capacity of an individual to experience meaning and pleasure. It means that if you have a playmate, they will temporarily be your mate, without the play part. You must remember that this is just a temporary situation. The reason is that, by its nature, depression attacks people in episodes and it is eminently curable if the right help is sought.

It doesn’t spell the end of your relationship

Depression comes with certain challenges that may make you doubt the life of your relationship. These problems may be a withdrawn partner and lack of sex, to mention but a few. But the truth of the matter is that these are not relationship issues, but depression.

Depression symptoms are all characterized by change. Your partner may exhibit a change in concentration libido or sense of humor. Another major change is that your partner becomes more withdrawn than usual. The bottom line is that these are depression symptoms. Also, depression may make a person less interested in having sex as it is no aphrodisiac.

If the struggles in your relationship have only started with the onset of depression, it is most likely that these troubles are due to the pressures and the impact of the condition. But if these problems started way back before the depression, the best course of action to take is seeking couples counseling. Consult top-notch mental health Kentucky professionals. They will assess you and advise on the most opportune time to seek couples counseling.

Note that doing all you can for your partner in tough times can really deepen your relationship and make things flourish. A lot of relationships have grown when faced with adversity.

Depression is not catching

Although it feels like it is, nothing can be further from the truth. Also, there are certain tips to help you stay afloat. Some of them include the following:

Keep in mind that you don’t need to change your mood to accommodate your partner’s.

You don’t have to feel low just because your partner isn’t happy. Although being happy is not going to make much difference to them, being low is no fun for you. Nothing is worse when the two of you are both depressed.

A depressed individual behaves in a manner reflecting their mood. They could want to stay at home, hibernate, eat a poor diet, or not want to get dressed. Do not be tempted to ape the behavior of your partner. Also, resist the urge to sit down with them on the couch to eat junk food. While it is recommended to be sensitive, you should train yourself to live your life as you normally would. More importantly, seek help from qualified psychiatrists Louisville KY.

Your feelings too, matter

While you may not be depressed, you will experience feelings about the partner and also the impact depression will bring to your life together. And the fact you don’t suffer in a similar manner doesn’t mean you have no feelings. Your feelings are just as important. Feel free to talk to a close friend or a relative about the concerns or fears you have. There is nothing to be ashamed of as this is not being disloyal. Worrying and accepting that you are going through tough times will make the journey less painful. Also, make sure to take proper care of yourself if you want to be of any use to your partner.

Depression is extremely common

Research shows that one in three people will suffer from a mental health problem during their lifetime. And since depression is equivalent to the common cold of mental health illnesses, it is anything but rare. After understanding this, it will be easy for you to see the condition in perspective. Also, remember that it is completely manageable and treatable. There are top psychiatrists Louisville Ky that you can approach to check your condition.

Seeking Help is Key (professional and personal)

Like any other illness, depression also needs to be treated by a qualified professional. If your partner refuses to see a therapist or a psychiatrist, ask them if it’s okay to make the first appointment with them. Seeking the help of a top mental health Kentucky can give you a huge sigh of relief.

On a personal level, try recruiting allies to help you care for your partner and have the much-needed break. Maintain contact with your close relatives to get the support you need to navigate through these tough times. It’s advisable to distance yourself from the depression world once in a while. It’s even advantageous to you if you can get away sometimes. You can visit a friend or even go to the movies. Whatever you do, just get a change of scenery. It will be good for both of you.


Living with a depressed person can be challenging if you don’t understand how. Understand that depression is not a lifelong condition and is a very common mental health condition. If anything, it can be treated by many psychiatrists Louisville ky. You only need to seek help early from trusted mental health Kentucky experts.