Important Pieces Of Advice Every Parent Should Know

Being a parent is one of the most tasking, stressful, and at the same time rewarding jobs anyone can do. You can try to be prepared for the child as much as you can and still feel least prepared when he/she arrives.

However, with all the negativity going on in the world today, how can you do better as a  parent? How can you make your child feel heard, be respectable, strong, and be a good ‘kid’? In fact, not all parents even know simple things like what could be the best thing to do when a child is hurt at the playground. That already seems like a lot of responsibility, but it is so fulfilling as you go through the process.

In order to help you become the kind of parent you want to be, we’ve put together some key tips or advice you need to know. Check them out below.

You Need To Listen More

Do you want your child coming to you with anything that’s bothering them? Well, you would need to listen to them more often. We know you can’t wait to bestow them with knowledge from your bowels of experience, but you need to understand that actively listening to your child tells them they can trust you with things that matter to them.

Listening involves making eye contact, not trying to interrupt, and it is definitely not waiting to talk too. Don’t rush to say what you think or give advice if they aren’t asking it. You should rather find out what they could do about a certain situation or how it makes them feel. That shows you want to listen and hearing what your child is saying encourages them to keep communicating.

Again, we know the temptation to turn any situation into a life lesson is high, but don’t give in to it. It makes them feel inferior and might never want to talk to you anymore. Capitalize on moments where only two of you are alone like when you’re taking to school or during meals. Always keep an open mind.

Your Case is Unique

People only remember the uniqueness of every human when it is sickness-related. But, hey, it applies to parenting too. Your kids are not the same as your nieces’ or your neighbors’ kids too.

Take the time to understand your child and develop a better approach on how to parent them. Research and read articles online. For example, Simply Mumma offers a myriad of lifehacks that you could use. That some rules were used by parent A doesn’t mean it would work with parent B. It is possible, just not always.

Intentionally Make Mistakes When They Are Looking

Some people wouldn’t want to agree with this. They want their kids to see them as this strong super-powered person who never breaks. While being tough or strong is good, being resilient allows you to make the most out of any situation whether you fail or succeed. That is something your kid(s) need to learn.

You get the point, but why exactly are we saying you make mistakes in front of your children? Well, because children learn better and faster from what they see you do than what you say. So,  if you want them to learn and accept that mistakes are part of growth, they sure do need to see you break a glass, burn dinner, or spill milk. They could also learn a thing or two from one of your parenting flaws. Maybe you yelled at them for something when you shouldn’t have, that’s a powerful opportunity to apologize and let them know you too can even make mistakes.

Be a Leader Your Kids Can Follow

So many parents are unintentionally a direct replica of their bosses. They are all talk and rarely put their talk into practice. As a parent, you need to walk the talk and the walk. Quit telling your kids what they should do or what you want them to do. Instead, show them. Humans learn by imitation. Live in such a way that you’d be a proud example your kids can copy.

Do you want to be respectful? Show them how to by respecting them and the people around you. Show them empathy, positive attitudes, and love.

Remember You’re Human Too

Inasmuch as you want to always be there for your kids, don’t forget that you’re human too. You’re deserving of love and care. Take time out for yourself. You can decide to leave the kids with your parents or your siblings for a day or two while you go out and have a good time. It’s great for your mental health and most times, being overwhelmed doesn’t bring out the best in us and that side isn’t what we want kids to see. Be kind to yourself.

There are plenty of materials that can help you through this phase of your life. They are so much and can be overwhelming; that was why we penned down some that you might find helpful.