Impact of prolonged slot gaming

Anything that is not done in moderation is not done right, as with all things in life in particularly the good things we must remember that if we are to still enjoy them for a long time then we must enjoy them in moderation because if not, these kinds of things can easily become addictive because we enjoy them so much and at the end of the day we go by our brains over anything else, and the brain as it happens is the place where addiction begins and ends.

Of course, it is important to reward yourself when you want to if you feel like you deserve it at the end of the day or in fact, whenever you like. But it is important to remember that these kinds of things must remain as rewards and nothing else, or you may end up paying for it at a later date, quite literally. The impact of prolonged Star Slots gaming then, like anything else can be bad for your health and damaging to some other areas of your life in general that you would not expect, kind of like if you like to drink alcohol, it must be done in moderation.

These kinds of things are great in moderation, but too much of any of these can really be bad for your health and make you susceptible to addiction and other kinds of problems that relate to addiction and behaviours that you may show when you are addicted to something. For example, if you find yourself at work thinking about nothing else except slot gaming and you cannot wait to leave that can be fine to be fair as long as it is not impacting the quality of your work or the ability to do your job and finish it to the best standard that you want to achieve it to.

You do not need to be a scientist or an expert on these kinds of things to understand the thing that most of us already do – and what that is, is that prolonged gaming of any kind is bad for the health of the brain, and bad for the health of the body. The impact of prolonged gaming in fact is increased obesity along with the deterioration of eye health, which is obviously not pretty – so then, we know that playing games for a prolonged period of time is not a good idea for a wide range of reasons that matter to the average person and otherwise.

Of course, that this means is that we should not play any kinds of games for a prolonged period of time, and we must understand that if we do then we are at a greater risk of getting any one of these kinds of problems at a younger age than we normally would if we are in good health, let along with health problems that are induced by prolonged periods of time that we have spent playing games. of course, it is up to you and entirely your call to decide whether or not these risks to your health are worth it, or not. Of course, the latter would be the most ideal answer.

And, it is also up to you to decide whether or not you feel like you are already perhaps playing games for a prolonged period of time and whether you need to begin moderating your time spent playing games. None of us would choose to do anything that would impact our brains negatively on purpose, although sometimes this kind of thing is not to be helped, and yet sometimes it can, and as such when it comes to gaming for a prolonged time, it can be helped.

Why you should avoid engaging in prolonged slot gaming activities

For example, research suggests that the part of the brain which helps people enable themselves to orient themselves in life, otherwise known as spatial memory, is the hippocampus.

The hippocampus also helps people to remember past experiences, otherwise known as episodic memory, and so it is very important that these parts of the brain are kept in good condition for these memory performances to function well and so that they have good cognition.

The striatum is an area of the brain which counterbalances the hippocampus, and the striatum also acts as the ‘autopilot’ of the brain and like the ‘reward system’ part.

So, this part of the brain gets us home from work, tells us when to eat, drink, socialise, and it’s the part that tells us other things that keeps humans alive and functioning along happily in life.

There is also the caudate nucleus, which is a part of the brain which helps us to form habits and remember to do things like ride a bike.

Gaming has been shown to stimulate this caudate nucleus more than stimulating the hippocampus. And, as many as 85% of players rely on that part of their brain to navigate through games.

A study was the conducted where participants played games for a total of 90 hours, and then the researchers used a process called neuro imaging to scan their brains afterwards, and the brains of gamers who play action games as a habit, and the researchers then compared these to the brains of people who don’t play video games.

This showed that those who don’t play video games have better brain health overall than those who do.

How to avoid playing slot games for too long

As with any thing that you recognise you are doing a bit too much, the best way to avoid it is to first realise you are not playing in moderation and that you need to take some action in rectifying this problem, and the best way to do that is simply to get a new hobby, one that makes you feel as good as you do when you are gaming with slots and focus on that, or other things that you enjoy equally.