Ideas for Family Sporting Events

People who love sports are also fond of traveling to different places to participate in sporting events. However, once you have your own family and kids, doing this might need more planning and preparation. But it is also great if you can take your whole family to the sporting events that you enjoy, especially before your kids get too old to want to be seen with you.

Sports are great activities for families, and there are a lot of benefits that each family member and as well as the family as a group ill get. It is something that can encourage everyone to connect as a family. For each individual, sports can promote wellness for the mind and body, teaches teamwork, demonstrates the benefits of working together, and also helps in reducing stress. For the whole family, sports fosters camaraderie and bonding, nurtures friendly competition, and is wonderful quality time.

This means that aside from letting your kids join sports teams at school or in your community, another way to enjoy it as a family is to go to different sporting events. If you are looking for ideas on what sporting events your whole family can see, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list if the tip sporting events that you should see as a family.

1.The NYC Marathon

The ING New York City Marathon takes place at the beginning of November. This event brings together world-class runners from all over the world, making it an event like no other. The best thing about this sporting event is you do not need to pay for tickets. You and your family can just show up anywhere along the race route and see all the action. If you go hungry, you can try foods from the local street vendors to taste some of New York City’s finest cuisine.

Also, during the week of the marathon, a premier running expo takes place in the Javits Convention Center. There, you can find sponsors and organizations distributing information about the race and their products. It is a good place to get up close and personal. It is also a great bonding activity for the whole family. Since most streets are blocked off, you can walk around or take subways for transportation.

2.Texas Football Friday Night Lights

In Odessa, Texas, residents have stayed loyal to their Permian Pantherseach year. The tradition of Panther football has continued for over 40 years. Your whole family can watch this sporting event by going on a road trip to Odessa.

If you want to catch the Friday night game, you need to make sure that you get your tickets early because a lot of fans camp out days before the big game for tickets. You can pick up your tickets at Permian High School’s Administration Building. Most of the time, tickets go on sale Tuesday morning, days before the game. For the best energy, you can watch the game from the home team side. After the game, the fans will line up against the fence on the north end of the field. Whether the team wins or loses, the fans will still go wild for their team. It is also fun to watch the game day pep rally at the Permian field house. Also, Halloween is a great time for your kids because they can be in their costumes.

people watching a sporting event

3.Little League Baseball World Series

The Little League Baseball World Series happens every August in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This sporting event started in 1947 as a tournament for children ages 11 to 13. It has grown to include countries from all over the world. There are 16 teams participating here, 8 from the US, and 8 from other countries. They compete in a round-robin tournament in their own bracket until a winner is decided. Then the two teams who will win will play for the World Series title.

If you want to inspire your kids to play baseball, then watching this sporting event with the whole family is a great idea. Seating is first-come, first-served in most areas of Lamade Stadium and Volunteer Stadium. If ever you won’t get any tickets, you can simply bring a chair or blanket and watch the games on the terraced hills overlooking the outfield fence.

4.Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is a non-profit organization that targets nearly 200 million people around the world with intellectual disabilities. It offers year-round training and competition in 30 Olympics-style summer and winter sports every four years in July.

It’s great if you can celebrate the opening and closing ceremonies of this sporting event with your whole family. These are the most anticipated celebrations of every Special Olympics. Here, you can also try the Sports Experience, which is a promotional event held during the Games. It is open to the public, and you can enjoy live performances, food, and chances to play games and contest against the Special Olympics athletes. This can be a life-changing experience for your whole family.

5.The NBA

If you and your whole family are fans of basketball, then watching the NBA live is probably on your bucket list. Each year, the NBA finals gave people some of the most historic moments. These include Michael Jordan’s last-minute steal and shot against the Utah Jazz in 1998 and Magic Johnson scoring 42 points that led the LA Lakers to glory in 1980. For any basketball fan, it is worth it to experience the event first-hand. You and your family will surely enjoy every moment of it. Look for Clippers tickets earlier to find more affordable ones and go enjoy the game live with your family.

These are some of the best sporting events that you could see as a family. But aside from watching, your family can also participate in some sporting events where you all could compete. For example, you can search in your community if there are any sports events that cater to families, like bowling tournaments, tennis, badminton, and the likes. You can also join sports festivals in your children’s schools if there will be any. Being together in sports as a family is one of the best ways to bond with each other after your busy days. It is also a chance to get closer and know one another better.