How tracking statistics helps to predict sports results?

How can you accurately predict the results of upcoming sporting events? Can you make money on the successes of your favorite team and what you need to do for this?

How tracking statistics helps to predict sports results?

Sport is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet. Moreover, it is not necessary to do it yourself, sometimes it is enough just to follow all the news from the world of sports competitions. If you want your hobby to start generating a good income, you can bet on sports. Today bookmakers operate all over the world, so placing a bet will not be difficult. You can watch online sports results on the Scores24 service. Here you can find all the information you need to make your bets accurately.

How to place a bet so that it is guaranteed to bring a win?

Every person who bets on sports has their own strategy for predicting future outcomes. There are 3 main varieties strategies for choosing the team you want to bet on:

  • just bet on your favorite team;
  • blindly follow the forecast of one of the experts;
  • make an independent forecast based on certain data.

The third option is by far the most effective. In the first case, you blindly trust luck and do not want to pay attention to any interesting facts. So, if you come from a country that every year takes part in some kind of competition and loses every year, you support the national team. It makes no sense to bet on sports on it since the chances of winning are rather low.

As for the expert opinion, here the opinion is divided. Many fans are sure that everyone should do their own thing – if a person specializes in sports analytics, then he understands it better and there is no need to study the issue on your own. But in practice, this situation is slightly different: there is always the possibility of triggering the human factor, in addition, in the past few years, you can often come across custom articles that are aimed at misleading fans.

Of course, reading sports analytics is always interesting and useful, but it is better to follow the publications of several authoritative authors, analyze the position of each of them (look at what points they converge, and where there are differences), and only then make a decision.

As a rule, there is no need to become a true expert in the world of sports and read a lot of books about the history of the sport, you just need to find out the composition of both teams, find out how often they change coaches, see the results of previous meetings between teams, and also read analytics from different experts. Finding such information is not difficult if you go to It has everything you need to make a really good prediction that can bring you big winnings.

Why is it so important to follow the results of previous competitions

Sports is an industry that is constantly growing and developing. New and interesting disciplines are emerging. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that almost all athletes are forced to leave sports early enough and leave teams (excessive physical exertion negatively affects human health). In addition, many clubs seek to lure successful players over to their side. So, the composition of the teams is constantly changing, and the success of the next competition depends on it.

Each player brings his achievements to the team, or vice versa can negatively affect the result. If a team has been on the podium for the past 10 years, then there is always the possibility that this year it may fall to the bottom of the standings. For example, the Portuguese national football team won at Euro 2016, and at Euro 2021 it was eliminated from 1/8. Not a single team is immune from such a situation.

To be able to assess the likelihood of a team’s success at the next competition, it is necessary not to blindly trust the successes of the past, but to look at the dynamics. It rarely happens that an unknown team, with a roster of young players, won the championship in the first season. Success in sports is inhuman labor multiplied by a small particle of luck.

Another point is the competitive spirit. Some teams meet quite often on the field and are the main rivals. It is always very interesting to watch such competitions, so making a forecast for them is a favorite pastime of fans. Often, the team that lost the previous round tries to do everything possible to win, and the second one relaxes because it is sure that this time it will easily beat the opponent. But this strategy does not always work.

Where can I see the latest results?

If you want to receive only fresh and truthful information about previous games, Scores24 will be a real discovery for you. Here you can easily find:

  • forecasts of different experts;
  • statistical data;
  • odds of bookmakers and much more.

Before online betting, you need to decide on a bookmaker. Today there are a huge number of them, and each offers different conditions for cooperation, so making a choice is sometimes quite difficult. Scores24 has its rating of the most successful bookmakers. It is based not only on the size of the odds but on the reputation and read reviews of the company. Here, only verified offices that have been operating for more than one year and have official registration, operate within the framework of the law. You can also get good bonuses for bets, which became possible thanks to the close cooperation of the service with bookmakers.

In general, if you want to successfully make money on sports betting, then you need to carry out simple analytics of previous games, take into account various factors, but even this cannot guarantee absolute success. In sports, as in other areas, luck is of the utmost importance.