How to Utilize Glass Boards for the Productive Purpose Better than Whiteboards?

Whiteboards are used for teaching purposes, as well as for presentations. People also use them at home for learning purposes during the summer vacation of children. Moreover, offices also use them so that they can use it to mention the daily schedule and its use is quite popular in such places for so many years. However, with the passage time, the type of new boards is introduced. They mainly include the interactive boards and glass boards. Well, now you must be thinking that if the while boards are going to be outdated or removed from the usual use or not?

This article is mainly about the glass boards, which are becoming common in use these days and is the comparison with the traditional whiteboards. Let us learn about various things related to both of them.

How different are Glass Boards from the Traditional Whiteboard?


The difference between the whiteboard, which is traditionally used in the schools, and even universities are quite different from these boards that are now used. Here is the list of differences between these two.

1. Place of Use

Place of Use

The use of whiteboards is mainly in the schools, while these boards are for professional use. The way they are made, and its overall look is very professional and delicate. The while boards can also be used in offices and other such places where the simple whiteboard use can be used. However, this board is used in big organizations only.

2. Size and Quality

Size and Quality

The size of both whiteboard and glass type of board can be small or large according to the use of it in a particular environment. Also, it may vary according to the purpose for which is used. However, the quality of this board is higher than the whiteboard. It also comes with the other options as if you can add the LED lightning into it that helps it produce better results.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Ease of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning the glass-oriented board is more than the whiteboard. Although the whiteboard can also be cleaned easily, the stains of the pen can stay there permanently. While in the case of glass type boards, there is no such ghosting of pens. If ease of cleaning is the main focus for you, then choose the one that is suitable for you. You will find out different ways of doing it better in whiteboards with time, so if your budget is limited, try to buy the whiteboard, and come up with solutions related to it.

4. Durability


The durability of the whiteboard in terms of life is more than the glass type board because this board is sensitive and can be affected by anything easily. While the whiteboard is different in this case.  It can be durable because of the material of which it is made and the kind of use for which it is bought. It can be roughly used, but you can keep it for a longer time, while in case of a glass material board, a simple scratch or error can lose its ability to work properly.

5. Creative Decoration Options

Creative Decoration Options

These are better than whiteboards when it comes to decoration and creativity. You can sue them for decoration purposes, and you can use your creativity to any extent that you like. While it is functional at your workplace, you may be able to create designs and styles with different color combinations. However, in the case of a whiteboard, this is not quite possible.

6. Availability of Color Schemes

Availability of Color Schemes

You can get the glass boards in many colors while the whiteboard is available in only one color. For such boards, you can use different pens with different colors for taking notes on the board. The range of color options are many, However, in the case of a whiteboard, you can still use different colored pens for taking notes, but they are very few in numbers. These are blue, black, green, and red only. There are no other colors available for it.

Different Colors Options of Glass Boards That Make Professional Ambience

Different Colors Options of Glass Boards That Make Professional Ambience

There are multiple color options of glass boards that make professional ambiance so that you can choose anyone that suits your theme and that you like to use. The list of all of them is given below.

  • Light blue
  • Lime green
  • Deep red

What Size and Dimension to Buy?

The size and dimensions used for the glass board are different from the whiteboard. It mainly depends on the kind of task or uses you want from the board that which size or dimension will be bought. Here we will mention the dimension of both of them, which is used in general. Let us know about each one of them in detail given below.

Size and Dimension of White Board

Size and Dimension of White Board

The standard whiteboard comes in 4 feet height, and that is the common height that is selected for multiple uses. Also, the width is selected to be 4 or 5 feet. Along with this, the dimensions, which are usually used, include the 5×8, 5×10, and 5×12.

Size and Dimension of Glass Board

Size and Dimension of Glass Board

The thickness of glass in standard form is no more than 3/16 inches. It is the most common demand for it. While the dimensions may range between 16×16 inches, 24×36 inches, 36×48 inches, 36×60 inches, 48×60 inches, 48×70 inches, 48×96 inches, and also you can order the customized glass board sizes and dimensions.


Well, either you are using a glass type board or the whiteboard; it all depends on your needs and requirements. You have to decide about this first, and then go buy one for yourself. It is recommended that you may buy the glass material board for professional use while for regular and almost rough use; the whiteboard is affordable and durable for a longer time than the other option. You have now enough know-how about both of them, so try to evaluate by taking enough time.