How to use Epilator- A genuine guideline for everyone

Epilation isn’t the latest. The Epilady was created in Israel in 1985, in what The big apple Times called a “revolutionary” change within the hair-removal industry.

Even though there are a spread of hair removal techniques, you’ll learn through experience that some methods are better than others. Tweezing, plucking, waxing, and shaving can all eliminate unwanted hair, but the results may be desired. If you’re trying to find something different, an epilator may be the hair removal method you’ve been trying to find. This device is intended to get rid of hair directly from the roots.

Options include a dry epilator which might be used without water or a wet epilator if you wish the convenience of removing hair while within the bath or shower.

Removing hair by the foundation may sound painful. And yes, some people experience a measure of discomfort with epilation, especially the primary time. Some areas of your body are also more sensitive than others. The more you epilate, however, the less pain you’ll experience.

You don’t need any prior experience or much knowledge but I still advise you to read this post with great care. You recognize exactly what to expect from epilation.

Exfoliate Before Epilating

Exfoliation abolishes dead skin cells, it perfectly makes the skin for epilation.Exfoliation is tremendously necessary if you wish to stop ingrown hairs. Chemical exfoliation is additionally an option for those suffering intensely from ingrown hairs, they’re such a nuisance that may ruin our self-esteem.Exfoliate before each epilation session so as to get rid of the dead skin cells and at the moment once every 2, 3 days.

How to Hold an Epilator

The first step in the way to use an epilator is to carry it at a 90 degrees angle to the skin.It’s actually the natural and cozy way of holding it.You don’t should ask yourself if you’re holding it at the correct angle or not.


Don’t press it in opposition to the skin, hold it loose because those rotatory tweezers will grasp the hairs and pull them by the basis. That’s their job and you don’t have to press the epilator against your skin to urge the hairs to be pulled out.

Hold the Skin Taut

Don’t forget to carry the skin taut. It helps with the pain and it’s the key to an efficient epilation. When epilating your underarms, raise your hands over your head and stretch them the maximum amount as you’ll be able to if you don’t want to pinch your skin. The skin gets want to it, the hairs become a small amount less coarse if you epilate once every 2 weeks at the most, and you get wont to the pain.

Epilate Against the Direction of the Hair Growth

This is a vital aspect after you find out how to use an epilator. Move the epilator slowly against the direction of the hair growth. Don’t hurry it. Otherwise, The hairs are cut at the surface of the skin, rather than being far away from their follicles.

Have Patience

Shaving is unquestionably plenty faster.

Nowadays, it takes only 40 minutes of battery time (use 2 cordless epilators), can do upper lip, underarms, and legs. But sometimes it takes quite a while. a minimum of an hour just for legs.

In the beginning, If you would like to chop the time short, epilate once per week. the less hairs you’ve got the faster it’ll go. and also the less painful it’ll be. or simply watch a movie, some episodes or hear music. Time will pass swiftly.

Epilate at Night

It’s best to epilate at the hours of darkness since redness may be a side-effect. Use a moisturizer after epilation, whatever type you favor. within the morning, your skin should be splendid, back to its natural color minus the hairs.

Keep a Clean Epilator

clean your epilator thoroughly, by using the cleaning brush and by washing the tweezers head. whether or not the pinnacle isn’t washable, if you let it dry long enough nothing goes to happen the subsequent time you plug it in.

If you’ve got a cordless epilator, Charge it full a minimum of once a month if you would like the battery to last those 40 minutes for several years to return. There’s no need to change your epilator once a year if you wash it, clean it, and charge it properly if it’s cordless.

However, With cordless models there’s still an opportunity that the battery won’t hold a charge, it’s just a matter of when it’d happen. Corded epilators are rather more reliable.

How Often Should You Epilate?

Is it possible to possess amazingly lovely smooth skin after using an epilator?

Yes, it obviously is.

However, There’s the very fact that epilators don’t remove 100% of all hairs from the basis.

Some get broken as they’re grabbed by the rotating tweezers and a few are too thin to be grabbed and pulled. But the sleek skin will still feel great under your fingertips after you’ve ended you’re done epilating.

From my experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that epilating once every time period is the best time-frame.

After every week you’ll be able to feel tiny hairs once you move your hand against the direction within which the hair is growing.

It also varies from person to person. For some, per week and a half may be a much better option. It depends on how briskly your hairs regrow.

Some women can even go up to a month with no need to enter their epilator.

Choose the Best Epilator for You

Best Epilator

You’ve got all the facts you would like to grasp about the way to apply an epilator but the device matters, too.

Almost anyone can easily afford a really good model epilator and use it. Using an epilator isn’t rocket science.

Benefits of this type of hair removal

Epilation has a drawback—pain. However, the benefits can exceed the drawbacks if you can endure the pain.

Longer smoother skin

The smoother skin you acquire from using an epilator may persist longer than with most other hair removal techniques, such as shaving, depilatory lotions, or tweezing.

Although individual results may vary, you may anticipate flawless skin for up to 4 weeks. This is so that hair may regenerate more slowly after being cut off at the roots.

Hair removal for short hair

If you wish to get rid of shorter hair, epilation can also be an option for you. Short hair can be difficult to wax since the wax might push the hair up against the skin. As a result, when the wax paper is removed, the hair does not lift from the roots.

Progressively fewer hairs

Epilation could eventually lead to less body hair, which is another advantage. This technique results in finer, softer hair growth. Even slower hair growth is possible. You will see less hair on some regions of your body the longer you epilate.

Epilators may remove hair from many parts of your body, including your face, arms, legs, pelvic region, and pubic hair.

Are there any risks?

Unwanted hair may usually be removed safely with an epilator. It could hurt or feel unpleasant, especially at first.

How to select the ideal facial hair epilator

head of an epilator image

There are epilators manufactured specifically for soft or fine facial hairs, while not all epilators are advised for use on facial hair.

Look for gadgets that say you may use them safely on your face to remove hair from this region. To see how your skin will respond, try out the epilator on a tiny patch of skin first.

How to pick the ideal epilator for thick hair

An epilator may also be used to get rid of coarser hair, such as thick facial hair and pubic or bikini hair. To assist manage thicker hair, these epilators contain more tweezers and stronger motors.

To be sure it will not irritate your skin or result in a rash, test out a tiny area before using an epilator on your pubic hair. Only fragrance-free oils or moisturizers should be used in this region.

When buying an epilator, what to avoid and what to look for

There are three main categories of epilators:

  • Electric spring epilators – these devices catch hair with a twisted spring coil. Older versions that aren’t as durable as current models should be avoided. They might not endure as long.
  • Rotating disc epilators – They employ several tiny rotating springs. These make several attempts to gather wayward hairs. Beware of inferior copies of these. They are more likely to break since they have more moving components.
  • Epilators in the tweezer style – these devices capture hair with minute plates resembling tweezers. This design is typical of new epilator models.

These elements could apply when you decide which epilators to buy and which to stay away from:

  • the number of springs or tweezers
  • speed controls
  • different attachments
  • internal lighting
  • whether they do dry or wet tasks
  • levels of noise
  • models with versus without cords

You should select an epilator based on its intended function. Get one that is water-safe, for instance, if you intend to use it in the shower.

Look through reviews to locate models that are less likely to have problems and try to match the features with your requirements. The brands Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Conair, Epilady, Panasonic, and Remington are all widely accessible.

The key is preparation

Consider how long your hairs are before beginning to epilate. When the hairs being removed are no longer than 5mm, epilation works best. The epilation is less painful the shorter the hairs are. For a more relaxing experience, epilation with the Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator allows for 4x shorter hair extraction than waxing. Additionally, it features a trimming comb attachment so you may tidy up before epilation without effort.

Do not forget to exfoliate before epilating once you’ve cut the hair to the ideal length. When your hair begins to grow again, removing dead skin cells helps lower the chance of ingrown hairs. The same is true for epilation, which removes facial hair: use an exfoliating scrub and make sure your face is clean and clear of makeup and skincare products before you start.

How to get the greatest results with an epilator

Select the appropriate attachment first. Epilator comes with specialized caps for the facial region and one for sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms if you are seeking for information on how to epilate your face, bikini area, or underarms.

To remove the hairs, hold your epilator at a 75-degree angle to the skin’s surface and move it slowly in the opposite direction of hair development. Stretching the skin you’re working on will tighten it up so that epilation will be more pleasant. Additionally, you may target and eliminate hairs even in difficult-to-reach locations thanks to the Opti-light function.

After-epilation care: Maintaining supple and smooth skin

After epilating, give your freshly smooth skin the attention it deserves. To stop ingrown hairs, the skin’s surface should be gently exfoliated once again. Apply your preferred moisturizer next to get super-soft, radiant skin.

  1.  Perfect pampering. It is always best to moisturize AFTER epilating rather than before. For the finest, skin-smoothing effects, use a nutritious body lotion, and be ready to wake up the next morning with incredibly soft, silky skin.
  2. Treat once more. If you are a beginner, epilate once every week. You will find that each time, the discomfort decreases, and the enjoyment rises. Reduce the intensity if you are an expert and epilate once every three weeks.