How To Use Dark Colors In the House

Dark colors can be chick, highly functional, and can set your home a class apart if combined perfectly. If you have kids in the house or have no plans for repainting for quite a while, Dark colors are your cue. In this article, I would highlight how to use dark colors in the house. You may also look here for house painters Melbourne.

How to Use Dark Colors in the House; Painting

Rooms decorated in dark colors are not for depressed demons or creepy witches that is simply a rumor I would like to debunk. Rooms painted in Dark shades are often really functional, mature, cozy, and even budget-friendly.

In incorporating Dark colors, the trick is one of many things, the first is Contrast. The walls could be painted dark grey and the finishing, details window frames, ceiling, and doors contrast with the paint by being white. Lovely Contrast

Secondly, there is the concept of patterns. In dark painted rooms, patterns should be used but of course sparingly. Think of the patterns as garnishing, a little here and there for detail and effect, but it shouldn’t be overdone.

How To Use Dark Colors in the House; Furniture

Going for darker furniture shade is often daunting to homeowners. One thing you do not want to do is to mar your house with a horrible looking couch. However, this is not often the case. There is a trick to making dark furniture like settees or even beds work in the home.

The first trick is contrast; dark furniture should be used in brightly painted rooms. If your room is painted in bright colors, the contrast will be to use dark furniture for a uniform blend. This way everything comes together.

Dark furniture can also be used in dark painted rooms, read on.

The next trick to making dark furniture work is Lightning.

If your living room has a balcony or transparent glass doors, and overall good lighting, you can always use the same shade of slate and walls, however, there should be details. These details will include

  • The Outlining of the walls, window frames, doors and throw pillows should be light colors of the same shade.
  • The floors should be of a very light shade
  • The curtains are best in a lighter color in contrast to the walls
  • Invest in fancy lamp holders and good bulbs.

Benefits of Darker Colours

While light colors are enviable and really pretty, dark colors have some benefits above lighter colors, these benefits include;

  • Functionality; They are perfect for homes with younger children as they hide messes better than lighter colors
  • Budget-friendly; If you would want to skip repainting a tad bit longer, darker colors on the first paint is your cue and best bet.


Darker colors make for more mature houses and they are exclusive also. You should try out a darker shade the next time you paint your home and of course there are a lot of options to choose from. Grey, brown, royal blue, etc.