How to Use CBD for Bipolar Disorder

Did you know that over 14 million American adults experience symptoms of bipolar disorder?

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for bipolar but it’s possible to manage symptoms through medication. One such medication is CBD.

With a 55% reported reduction in pain, CBD is typically known for its pain relief qualities. However, it can be a powerful tool in mental health symptom management.

In this short guide to using CBD for bipolar, you’ll learn how to manage the disorder and the best practices around using CBD as a form of medicine.

How CBD Works to Manage Bipolar

CBD has been shown to ease the effects of anxiety and depression, two symptoms common in those who suffer from bipolar. One study showed a 79% reduction in participant’s levels of anxiety after taking CBD.

Additionally, CBD has been shown to help stabilize mood and energy levels.

Rapidly fluctuating mood is a symptom of bipolar that around 10-20% of sufferers experience and is perhaps the most commonly known symptom.

By improving symptoms of anxiety and helping to create a consistent mood level in its users, using CBD for bipolar depression helps to manage one of the main effects of the disorder.

Best Ways to Take CBD for Bipolar

One of the best ways to take CBD oil for bipolar disorder is to place it under your tongue and leave it for a few minutes before swallowing. The CBD molecules will be absorbed through the tissues in your mouth, and quickly enter the bloodstream.

Taking it under the tongue is good if you’re looking for fast results, however, taking it orally will lead to longer-lasting effects. This way also means that the CBD must pass through your digestive system and that only up to 20% of it can be fully absorbed.

Another way to take CBD is through inhalation. Vaping CBD is the quickest way to get it into your bloodstream. You’ll absorb up to 34% of it within 10 minutes, however, vaping it could lead to some negative side effects such as coughing.

Each method of taking CBD has its advantages and drawbacks. Considering which method is right for you is important before using CBD.

If you’re looking at CBD for bipolar kids, orally is your best option as it can be taken as an unintrusive sweet.

Suggested Doses 

Determining the ideal CBD dosage for you is an important step in managing your symptoms of bipolar, and is dependent on several factors including age and weight.

Generally, you’ll want to take a CBD dosage of no less than 5 to 10 milligrams. With anxiety and depression, however, it’s typically recommended to dose between 25 to 100mg.

If you want to take full advantage of CBD oil for bipolar depression, then using full-spectrum CBD will be helpful. This is because it contains compounds from the entire marijuana plant, many of which help CBD to properly function. Without these added compounds, CBD can be less effective.

This means that if you’re looking for a mild dose of CBD you may be better off using CBD isolate.

Now You’re Ready

Using CBD for bipolar is a great way to help manage symptoms of the disorder, as well as ease potential mood-changing triggers such as anxiety.

Now that you understand the benefits of CBD oil for bipolar disorder, you’re ready to use it safely and effectively.

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