How To Track And Identify The Best Long Distance Moving And Mover’s Company

Have you tried to relocate to a new apartment in the summer? Summer is the peak time when many people move to new houses and areas. At this time, movers are in high demand, making others mushroom quickly to fill the deficit gap. To be on the safe side, use movers who are insured and licensed.

Imagine one day you go on a long trip and get involved in an accident with your car which isn’t insured. How will you handle the situation? Now take the same experience to happen on a truck carrying all your property, then the worst thing happens. They get destroyed. How will you be compensated?

It’s always good to consider insured and licensed long distance movers to offer you the services. It’s easy to claim compensation in case of breakage or damage to your belongings.

The following ways are used in the identification of registered and insured companies.

The USDOT Number

Always use a properly insured company to transit your belongings. Tracking the USDOT number is a perfect way to discover the insurance status of the company in question. Some companies publicly display their insurance status to the public, while others require the customer to request. A company hesitant to offer insurance registration status, consider that a red flag.

The Fmcsa Website

Use the USDOT number on FMCSA Website to check pertinent information regarding the moving company you intend to use. Any complaints raised against the company or the company has violated any rules in line of duty are all on this site, especially on the complaint history page. The site will tell if the company hikes prices or charges fairly. Whenever a company misses on this search website, don’t risk unless otherwise.

Full Value Protection

Federal laws state that inter-state movers should give customers full value protection. The rules state that companies have complete responsibility for your property and are liable in case of any damage or breakage. It can be either repair, buy another item or give cash equivalent to the price of the item damaged.

All registered companies will have this clause written in their contracts though costly items are generally exempted from this coverage. If a company doesn’t have this clause in its contract form, it may not be a registered one.

Release Value Coverage

Registered and insured companies have this clause where you can opt for it rather than the full version protection. When you use this, the company will not be fully liable for any damage or property loss during transit. The option, if chosen, reduces the cost charged by the company offering the services.

Company Insurance

Any trusted and registered company will have its insurance. It will be easy to prove their coverage when you request it, and you should be accommodated easily without hitches. Don’t opt for the company if they can’t accommodate you. Long distance movers must verify in all regions they will pass with your belongings.

The above is very vital to get a genuine company.