How to Take Care of a Baby: 5 Tips for New Moms

Are you a new mother (or father)? While many people adjust to taking care of their newborns quickly, it can be overwhelming at first. Learning how to take care of a baby right away is stressful!

Newborn babies aren’t as fragile as we tend to think they are, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. We’re here to give you a few quick tips to make caring for a baby easier.

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1. Be Patient With Yourself

Many new parents overwhelm themselves more than the baby overwhelms them. They seem to think that being a perfect parent right from the get-go is the goal, but no one gets it right immediately.

New parents have been struggling to take care of newborn babies from the dawn of humanity. You need to remember that you’re not a bad parent because you’re bad at changing diapers, you’re having trouble nursing, or your baby gets a rash.

Instead of panicking, take a step back and breathe.

2. Make a Schedule

Babies thrive on schedules, but it doesn’t always look that way at first. While newborns seem to function on their own erratic schedules, most of them develop a routine that you should follow and maintain.

Pay attention to the times that your baby tends to sleep and get hungry. Instead of fighting it (unless your baby is nocturnal), track it so you can fit your life around it.

3. Make Bathtime Easier 

Some babies love the bath while others resist taking off their clothes at all costs. If your baby is the latter, try a few things to make bathtime easier.

First, remember that your baby has sensitive skin. Some babies need more gentle and natural cleansers and lotions (like those at to be comfortable.

Then, find the right location for your baby. Many new parents prefer to bathe their babies in the sink because it’s smaller and easier on an adult’s back. If your baby doesn’t like the sink, try buying a baby bath for the bathtub.

Remember, never leave the baby alone in the bath.

4. Learn Your Baby’s Preferences 

There are so many guides on how to make a baby happy and what to do when they can’t sleep, but in reality, it often comes down to your baby’s personality.

When your baby is fussing, learn what makes them calm down. Some babies like white noise or the sound of a vacuum. Others like movement, so bouncing or rocking your baby may be the answer.

Some babies simply want a few moments of closeness.

5. Accept Help

No one has to do this alone. Whether you’re partnered or not, you can accept help when someone offers it to you.

Being a new parent is exhausting. Don’t feel bad if you need some time away.

Learning How to Take Care of a Baby Is a Process

No one knows how to take care of a baby on their first day home from the hospital. Use these tips to help ease you into parenthood. Before you know it, you’ll have an established routine that keeps both you and your baby happy.

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