How to Spruce Up Your Living Room with Decorative Pillows

Your home décor plays a significant role in the outlook of your home. There are many ways you can decorate your home and give it a more polished and sophisticated look. Plus, it’s the little details that will matter when bringing together different aspects to create a new look. If you thought pillows are for only resting your head when sleeping, here’s how they can redefine your space.

Mix and Match

If you are a lover of color, he’s a way to make some pop. When using decorative pillows for your home, you can go big on the colors you want to use. For the laid back type, a uniform color will do okay. However, for the daring, instant, and dramatic look, a mix of accent colors brings some significant changes. Therefore, you have no problem combining different color aspects from the decorative pillows you get to the house. It brings out a classy look.

You can pull it off on your decorative pieces, accent wall, floor rug, and even the sofa rug. Experimenting with a different color to find out what will work best for your living room is okay.

If you want to achieve a monochromatic design, you can create the primary color palette to create your theme. For instance, if you have a neutral sofa, you can introduce solid colored decorative pillows with a mix of patterned throw pillows.

In another idea, you can also find the primary color in your living room. Consequently, find other colors that will complement the room without overshadowing the primary color.

You can choose an odd number of colors like three in your mix and match the theme, together with three patterns. Additionally, you can also select three-patterned sizes on your throw pillows. As mentioned earlier, it becomes easier to work with an odd number like three on decorative ideas compared to even numbers like two.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows offer a classy way of recreating a new look with your couches. Its attractiveness radiates whether you implement different colors, sizes, patterns, and even textures. If you use several throw pillow colors to spread over your living room, it is advisable to have a consistent pattern size on your throw pillows. Another trick is to have one color and experiment using patterned throw pillows. For an appealing rainbow effect, you can choose colors with a close relationship along the spectral line. For instance, shades of blue, purple, green with different texture variations will result in a calming effect.

When arranging your throw pillows, you can use different arrangements. For instance, implement the rule of odd numbers instead of using even numbers. Throw pillows in groups of three would look better than a group of doubles.

Floor Pillows

Pillows can revamp your space. If you thought throw pillows are the only way to create a stylish living room, here’s more for you. Having cushions for your floor pillows is an elegant way of brightening up your space. The floor pillows can provide extra comfort when resting on the sofa and placing their feet on them. Additionally, you can also place them on the floor rug and rest on them. Their big nature provides immense support. Floor pillows can also boost your living room ambiance by adding different color shades. 

Different Sizes

For decorative pillows, you don’t have a specific rule on the shape or form you should use in your living room. Thus, you can use different shapes like square, round, rectangle, and even heart shape. Additionally, there are different fillings you can use in the pillows. It includes foam and polyester. The filling you use will depend on the intended use of the pillow. How high or low you want them is also critical.

Different sizes help you achieve a sophisticated look. Nevertheless, avoid using too many little throw pillows as it washes down the look and appears squeezed or clustered. Also, don’t forget to stuff your pillows correctly to get a proper shape and form. Otherwise, it will look pale, wrinkly, and even dull.

Repeat Your Patterns

Repeat Your Patterns

For you to achieve a lasting effect with your decorative pillows, create a unique pattern. You can consequently mirror the same design across your living room. It creates a polished and collected look even if the cushions don’t have the same colors all through. You can also add a twist of fun by combining an alternating set of small and large pillows spread across your sofas.

When you implement the above decorative pillow ideas in your living room, you create a sophisticated look appealing for all. Add a color pop with different symmetry and arrange them stylishly. It becomes easier to implement an award-winning design in your living room than when you don’t have the decorative pillows.