How to shop on Black Friday while staying at home

Shopping on Black Friday has always been easy, but because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions, it caused, going out this year is not an option. “The CDC has told us that it’s risky to be within six feet of other people, so you are taking a risk joining the crowds,” says deal site SheFinds founder and online marketing expert Michelle Madhok. Additionally, malls are operating only at 25% capacity and limiting the number of people inside so going to your favorite business is really not an option.

Health experts warned that there are very high health risks of in-store Black Friday buying if many people ignore the stay-at-home recommendations. Not only this, there will surely be a shortage of merchandise that could lead to frustrations, disappointments, and panic. “Just like we were short on a toilet paper during COVID, back-to-school time found us short on desks to work from at home,” Madhok added.

In normal holiday sales, people would camp outside of stores and wait for the best time to grab the bargain. This year is totally different. More and more stores are offering more deals online than ever. We don’t have to go to stores anymore as we also advised to limit unnecessary outside trips.

Because of the novel coronavirus that has been affecting the whole world since the beginning of this year, we are forced to stay at home but don’t worry, your usual holiday buying can still be done and that is actually the purpose of this article. We will help you enjoy product hunting while staying at home safely.

What will Black Friday this year look like during the pandemic?

Amazon Prime Day is the one and only real bargain event that happened this year. It was held back in October and was similar to what we normally see in the past years. While most people are on a tight budget, stores like Amazon did not also give huge discounts and there were also shortages of many products. Electronic prices like gaming consoles and gadgets have almost the same price as the normal market days.

Wait, when is Black Friday this year?

Black Friday this year falls on November 27, the 4th Friday. There is a very small time between Black Friday and Christmas Day so let’s hope some discounted products will last until the Christmas sale.

Reasons to Stay Home on Thanksgiving Holiday

There are many reasons to stay at home on November 27 and the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus is the top. It’s like a chain reaction actually. Due to the pandemic, we could expect traffic from everywhere as people rush to go home and be with their families. Health safety is just one of the main concerns. Many people are having difficulty meeting their daily needs so expect a high number of burglaries. By going outside, you are exposing yourself to these types of dangerous people.

Because your chance of going to the mall is limited, here is what you can do.

How to product hunt on Black Friday during the pandemic.

1. Buy Online

What’s the safest and easiest way to spot Black Friday sales during a pandemic? Buying online is highly recommended. And if you are not convinced over safety alone, consider the prices. “Trends point toward more online sales this year, surpassing last year by about 40 percent, so that means more competition,” Madhok explains. “Make sure you know what items you’re after and which stores sell them, then sign up for those store’s newsletters, apps, and social media ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss a deal.”

Big e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay are not your only option. There are also reliable classified ad sites like Shoppok where you can find discounted products from different local sellers. The best thing about this site is that you don’t have to drive far away because it caters to local buyers and sellers. The platform offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to meet, trade, share ideas, and help each other out in areas such as goods, cars, services, housing, jobs, and personals. Read here tips for buying on Shoppok.

2. Purchase Locally

If you really want to go out, there is still an option without going to bigger malls in the city. You can do your holiday shopping in your local boutique stores. Walking along with your neighborhood while wearing masks and face shields is more relaxing and convenient than battling with large crowds at malls and big-box stores. Not only that you are protecting yourself from other people, local businesses sometimes offer surprises not available in big stores. Who knows, you could be lucky to find what you are looking for nearby.

3. Acquire Secondhand

Books, clothes, movies, music, and even electronic gadgets are always available in secondhand bazaars. Buying new is good but is not always a better option. Additionally, you can seldom find quality brand new products on bargain so buying a used but branded gaming console is better. You can save a lot of money by buying used products. Not only are they mostly original, but they also work great, and they cost cheap.

You can hunt for secondhand products online through but not limited to:

  • Online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Bonanza
  • Craigslist and other local for-sale listings
  • Thrift stores
  • Flea markets
  • Garage sales
  • Local classified ads

4. Buy Earlier – or Later

The exact holiday date is actually not good for most people, especially during these difficult times. You don’t have to wait for the exact date to look for your favorite products to buy. Stores already decide the price of their merchandise days before the exact date and if you inquire early, there is a big chance you can buy the product at the same price they are going to offer on Black Friday.

On the other hand, although you can shop after the holiday, a better suggestion is to purchase days before Christmas.

5. Just Buy Less

With more or less money, get only the products that you really need. Saving during this pandemic is extremely important. The crisis seems to last and it’s better to always prepare for the worst.


We need to take care of our health and family. Black Friday shopping is a very important tradition that many of us can’t afford to ignore, but considering the current situation, shopping while staying at home is the best thing we can do while still enjoying the Black Friday shopping.