How to Sell Your Car Regardless Of the Damage

While some cars sustain minor damage in an accident, others will take the full brunt of the force. This means some vehicles will be repaired with ease and inexpensively, while others become irreparable. 

What happens next is some car owners opting to send their severely damaged vehicle to a landfill or trying to sell them. The problem with selling them is that if you use the normal avenues, it will be a challenge to do so.  You have to search who buys junk cars near me and exchange your junk car for cash. 

Damaged cars will most likely fail road safety tests and due to this, selling them will not be easy. In such cases, it is best to dispose of it through a local car removal company like this one.

Regardless of how bad the damage is, cash for cars Las Vegas companies will pay for it as they see the value in recycling the scrap metal and reselling the usable parts.

On the other hand you may decide to keep the damaged car, however it will be of no use and will continue to depreciate in value.

Selling a Damaged Car

What is a damaged car? This simply means that it has been destroyed. It could be from an accident, vandalism, or severe weather conditions such as flooding. 

One of the best places to sell the car is via a car removal, or cash for cars company. These professionals have years of experience and will put good money in your pocket. 

They use the acquired knowledge to make sure they give value for money. Every detail during the valuation matters and you will get a fair offer.

It is important that as you sell the car, you are realistic about its value. Even premium cars that are severely damaged lose their value. Thus, the extent of the damage will be a determining factor.

Why Would Someone Buy a Damaged Car?

You no longer need the car as it no longer runs and repairing it will be expensive. However there are companies who are willing to buy it. Why is this?

One reason is that they find valuable parts, fluids, and metals that can be reused. They extract the good auto parts that they refurbish and sell at affordable prices. As such, they make money from selling them.

Another reason is to help save the environment. Unlike when a car is taken to a landfill, selling your car to the wreckers is an eco-friendly way to get rid of it. 

Sell It Whether Old or New

It is unfortunate that it only takes a few minutes for a car to be totally damaged beyond repair. Whether it is new or old, there is not much that can be done in these situations.

When car removal companies say they buy cars as they are, they mean it. So long as it is a car that was once on the road, they will buy it. 

It does not matter if it has been rendered a total wreck or it cannot move, it is still acceptable. 

Old cars are a good source of rare spare parts especially for automotive vehicles that are no longer manufactured. With this, you can get an instant cash payment when you need it. 

When Should You Contact a Car Removal Company?

When you feel the damage is irreparable or it will be expensive, it is time to contact a car removal company. As it continues to sit there, the condition will only deteriorate and the money you make will be less. 

The best time to contact the service provider is as soon as you want to get rid of it. If possible, contact a cash for cars company as soon as the damage takes place. 

The Process of Selling the Car

You will enjoy the fact that selling such a car will be hassle-free when working with a vehicle removal company. This is one reason car owners are using this channel to ‘throw away’ cars that are no longer needed. 

All you need is to contact a local car removal company. They are always willing to buy such cars and what you have to do is give details, location, and give an appointment. 

It is better to sell it to a car removal company than privately

It’s a daunting task trying to sell a damaged car privately or to trade in. However car removal companies make the selling process convenient as there will be no need to put up advertisements or plan on how to tow it to a scrap yard. 

If the money is needed within a short period, this will be an excellent option. Once you contact the organization and you accept the quote, you will have money in a few hours. 

The other thing is that you are guaranteed safe disposal. There is no such company that will purchase your car to take it to a landfill. They use technology and the latest techniques to retire the car. 

Should You Sell Your Car to a Removal Company?

If your damaged car is parked on your property, it will require maintenance. This will prevent soil contamination and injury of people and animals if any. Rusting cars are dangerous to have around.

The best decision you can make is to do away with it through this recommended avenue. You cannot be draining your pockets trying to keep the damaged car in shape. 

It is also a good decision because you will not find a private client who wants to buy a car they cannot drive. Also, the towing, dismantling and disposal will meet industry standards when you choose a reliable company.

As the car owner, there is peace in knowing that even after the car is no longer useful, it will be well taken care of. 


Selling your damaged car to a car removal company is the easiest way to do away with it. In most cases, it will be a challenge to use shortcuts to get rid of it.

There are local laws preventing cars being abandoned on the streets. If it is parked in your home, it is an ugly sight and a danger. 

Regardless of the damage extent, these car removal companies will pay you and remove it from your property. These companies are paying top dollars to get such cars and thus, you should take advantage of these offers.