How to Score Great Deals on Bulk School Supplies

School supplies seem to exhaust fast. If you notice the school supplies are always running out, you should rethink your inventory strategy and start ordering in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you can get huge discounts on the pricing. Here are a few tips for scoring great deals on bulk school supplies.

Visit Wholesale Distributors Websites

When you want to order in bulk, visiting wholesale distributors’ websites always makes sense. These distributors are second in the supply chain after the manufacturers. In simple words, they buy in bulk directly from the manufacturers, so they are willing to offer lower prices to schools and educational institutions ordering bulk school supplies.

You can visit any wholesale distributor websites offering bulk school supplies to know the product range. After you have found distributors providing school supplies, you need to focus on other factors like pricing, shipping charges, and scheduled deliveries.

Know What You are Getting

Just because something is listed on sale does not mean the distributor offers the best price. You need to use the search engine to find prices offered by other distributors for the same product. Some distributors offer a flat 25% discount on bulk purchases and a 25% additional discount when you register on their site. But, what you see is not really what you get.

Some distributors may give you 43.75% off on registering. So you should know what kind of discounts you are getting from the distributor and whether they look the same on the paper (your bill). If the distributor is offering an additional discount on registering, there is no harm in registering on the site before placing the bulk order.

Look for Closeout or Clearance Sale

Wholesale distributors organize closeout or clearance sales to sell old inventory and make way for new products. The products in the clearance sale are available at a cheaper rate(additional discounts). Check the distributor website for clearance sales or closeout sales and select products that you find helpful.

When checking items in a clearance sale, judge the product by its usefulness and not by the discount offered. When buying in bulk, people make the mistake of impulsive buying and end up with things that they don’t need. If you make this mistake, you lose the savings you have made by ordering the school supplies in bulk.

Check the product description carefully when buying products from a clearance sale. Make sure you are not buying low-quality or damaged products for a lower price.

Negotiate for Better Prices

Contact the distributor for better prices when buying in bulk for the school. Many wholesale distributors are happy to give additional discounts to schools. Contact their customer service, specify your school supplies requirements, and negotiate better prices. If the wholesale distributor agrees, you will end up saving a significant amount of money for your organization that can be utilized for other child welfare schemes.

To sum up, following these tips and guidelines while ordering bulk school supplies can save a great deal of money for your organization.