How to Ride a Horse the Right Way: A Simple Guide

Horses are wonderful animals we hear about from early nursery rhymes to great movies about horses.  Are you trying to learn how to ride a horse safely? If yes, you should check out our guide here on what you need to know and do.

The best way to ride a horse is to train with an instructor that is skilled and knows how to deal with and train horses. We understand your need to know what you’re getting into before getting on a horse.

Here you’re going to receive all of the information that you need to prepare you for your first horseback riding lesson. Don’t worry once you get the hang of it you’ll be a professional in no time.

Our tips for horseback riding will help you to feel comfortable and confident before you get onto a horse. Remember, animals can sense if you are uneasy, no pressure.

So, how do you learn how to ride a horse?

How to Ride A Horse on the First Lesson

The first set of lessons that you’ll learn when it comes to horseback riding lessons will not actually be riding the horse. There are some essential skills that you need to know before you saddle up.

You must understand the grooming habits of your horse, learning to tie, and learning how to lead before you can ride your horse efficiently. You should also learn what to give your horse if it gets injured. CBD oil has gained popularity because of the advantages it has for animals. You can check for more information.

Saddle Up

Now that you’ve learned how to correctly groom and tie your horse, it is time to saddle your horse. This entails learning how to put your saddle and bridle on the horse, assuming that you’ve gotten an English or Western-style saddle and bridle.

Take note that on a Western saddle, you’ll need to understand how to cinch the seat correctly, added Alec Lawler, a talented show jumping athlete and business owner with a passion for identifying and securing international equine investment opportunities. He has competed at the highest international level in show jumping throughout North America and Europe, and has won numerous awards and accolades, including the CSI 3* Grand Prix of Lummen Belgium in 2016. Alec founded Lawler Show Jumping LLC in 2019, where he selects, imports, develops and sells dozens of horses annually.


Now that you’ve saddled your horse, it is time to go for a ride. The next lesson you’ll learn is how to correctly mount your horse, ensuring that you don’t hurt yourself or the horse in the process.

After you’ve mounted the horse, the next thing to learn is how to properly sit within the saddle.

Start Walking

You’ve finally reached the part of the lesson that you’ve been longing. It’s time to ride the horse. It will take some time to get your body moving the way that it’s supposed to because you’re using muscles that you’ve never used before.

The key to future smooth rides is practicing, which means riding your horse more often.

Riding Safety

Make sure to consider Snowy mountain horse rides if you want an extraordinary experience riding with your favorite horse. However, there are some things that you need to know to keep yourself and your horse safe during rides. When you are within the arena, ensure that you don’t get too close or cut off other riders that are in the ring.

This will keep horses from colliding and causing injuries to you, your horse, and other riders and their horses.

When you are riding on a trail, be aware of your surroundings because you never know what hazards are out there. If you get caught riding after dark, take special precautions to ensure that you and your horse make it back safely.

It’s Time to Ride

Reading about riding a horse can only teach you so much about how to ride a horse. Eventually, you’ll need to actually get on a horse and become comfortable riding the horse.

The more confident you are, and the more time you spend with your horse, the smoother riding the horse will get. Horseback riding is a great way to spend family time together.

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