How to Reduce Daily Stress for a Carefree Lifestyle

Work can get on top of you. The kids can get on top of you. Your husband can get on top of you. Then you have the dog and the cat to think about, are the fish still alive? Has anyone been to see grandad this week? There’s always so many things to do and to remember that the stress can build up and up and up. Do not fear, there are some small changes or additions you can make to give yourself that little bit of extra time, stop your worrying, and take on the day with a cool, calm and collected attitude.

After School Activities and Groups

What better way to get the kids out of the house for a couple of extra hours every week? They’re learning a new skill or burning up all their energy running round a field (hopefully), giving you that time to be able to come home after work, have a drink, sort dinner in peace and get some extra prep done for the next day so you can relax with the family for the rest of the evening. If there aren’t any clubs nearby or that interest your children, try setting up a childcare group of local moms where you take it in turn to look after the kids to give each other that well needed break!

Senior Parents Care

Apart from the kids, there is nothing that becomes more of a worry than your elderly parents. They spent their whole adulthood looking after you, of course you want to make sure they are well cared for as they get older. Are they eating properly? Are they going out and seeing people? Are they getting enough exercise? There is one sure way to know that they’re being looked after and still living their life to the fullest. New Perspective’s independent living for seniors gives them their freedom to live life how they want to, whilst taking care of all the mundane daily chores like housekeeping and maintenance. Their communities offer exercise clubs for all mobilities, social events and many group activities to keep them active, social and independent. They’re able to have fun, and you’re able to stop worrying about them, it’s a win win.

Self-Care Routine

No matter how busy your day, make sure you always end it on a positive note, focussing on the main character in your life – you. Whatever it takes for you to relax and wind down from the madness of the day, do it. Turn off your phone and watch an episode of that new series in bed, read a couple of chapters of your favourite book, take your time to complete your skin care ritual to leave you feeling glowing and refreshed. Set yourself the time to do one thing, just for you, every night before bed. Ending the day on a positive helps to start the next with a stress free mindset.

No matter how you decide to do it, finding ways to relieve little parts of daily stress can have a huge impact on your life and allow you the space for that carefree attitude to break into your way of living.