How to Provide the Highest Quality Health Care for Your Seniors

Caring for aging loved ones is one of the most gratifying and at times, stressful situations a family member can be in. Ensuring your loved one is receiving quality care is especially critical during a global pandemic.

With so many things to consider and services out there, here are a few points to keep in mind when aiming to provide the highest quality health care for your seniors.

Maintain Connections

As we get older, the importance of family and relational connections becomes more and more important. At the same time, the risk of isolation and loneliness can mount, putting older adults at greater risk of mental health issues like depression and can even have an impact on their risk of dementia.

However, keeping those connections strong can make a huge difference. As health restrictions allow in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be tremendously helpful and appreciated to make visits and excursions a regular part of your family’s schedule, especially for those living in senior care Brooklyn home facility. Even short outings to their favorite local restaurant or a walk in a nearby park can create fun moments to relish and look forward to. Going out and doing a simple activity also creates a shared memory and invites opportunities to make observations and spark conversations as they connect what they’re seeing and doing with memories and past events. Marking celebrations like birthdays or holidays with a simple party or special dinner with cake is also a fun and easy way to incorporate family gatherings and invitations for friends. Basically, any reason to order a cake and invite friends and family over is a great way to build regular connections for seniors.

Stay Active

Stay Active

While some older adults may have challenges when it comes to mobility, finding activities that match their physical levels, regardless of how minor, is extremely important.

Not only is physical activity fun, but it promotes better sleep, relieves anxiety, naturally builds strength and endurance, as well as boosts the immune system, and can even lower blood pressure. Luckily, there are many exercises with bands or light weights that can be done from a seated position, including chair yoga and other chair exercises for seniors.  Short walks or even low impact hobbies like cooking and moving around the kitchen can be a good option.

Promote Hobbies

It’s also important to find and promote loved ones’ hobbies as they age, as they provide both enjoyment and mental activity. Whether it’s the latest crossword puzzle or sudoku book, or bird watching, gardening, or singing and playing a musical instrument. Reading is also proven to improve memory and reduce stress and e-readers can allow for greatly enlarged font sizes or audiobooks that tell great stories and make for even better conversation starters. Finding causes or organizations to volunteer with can also be a hugely inspiring and gratifying hobby. Whether it’s volunteering on a board, organizing events, or knitting a blanket for charity, it’s always a powerful way to connect with others and know you’re helping make a difference.

Consider Home Care

If you feel you have the capacity, both physically and mentally to care for an aging loved one like a parent, it can be a rewarding act of service. However, it can also be a stressful and tiring responsibility and one that you need to take seriously. Without proper respite and support systems, caregivers can be at risk of burning out. If you do choose this route, make sure you understand how much care your loved one needs, and how much care you can realistically offer.

There is also no shame in getting extra help, whether it’s hiring in-home care support, delivery meal services, or respite from a professional service or from friends and family. Services like Expert Home Care, Inc. provide a variety of home health care solutions depending on your needs. To learn more, go to their website to see what kind of solutions are available. Anyone who can offer you help could make a huge difference to your own health and mental well-being while keeping the risk of burnout far away.  Also be sure to consider care respire with MAACG as well.

In the end, older adults are like anyone else, we all need love, acceptance, and connection no matter our age. If you are willing to offer quality time with your loved one, speak kindly to them and make them feel heard, which will greatly improve their quality of life. Combine that with creative exercise and activity opportunities and vibrant recreational life of hobbies and volunteer service, and you have all the elements of a rich life at any age.