How to Present Yourself in the Best Light on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of society as it touches almost every area of life. It is a worldwide phenomenon with many platforms hosting billions of users. Today, businesses are started and built on some pages.

If you choose to join any social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, or Snapchat, you need to have your best foot forward. You can share images, ideas, news, personal lives, and social commentary with a vast audience worldwide. 

Social media is a valuable and powerful tool today. Like any other thing, it can improve society or cause moral decay. As a user, choose to use the platforms beneficially and appropriately. Read on to see how you will present yourself in the best light on social media. 

Create a Professional Backdrop

Check your profile photo and background to see how the world sees you. It is crucial to have an organized and neat environment. The best way to present a social media account is for your professional photo. Apps like Facetune have potent tools enabling users to edit pictures through one tap and let their profile shine.  

The profile photo is the first interaction anyone who checks your account will see. Since it is the first impression, you should strive to give the best. Dress decently and keep yourself well groomed. Limit details on the photo that will divert attention and get rid of any clutter that is controversial. 

Positive Vibes

There are enough bullies online and an increase in cyberbullying on most social media platforms. When you visit a social media page, you are not seeking rants, negativity, tirades, or condescending comments. Suicide cases associated with cyber bullying are rising among teenagers and young adults. Being a cheerful voice amidst the harmful pages may feel like swimming against the tides, but do it anyway. Be the light in a dark room and share posts that encourage, rather than those that tear people down. 

Social media is excellent for sharing laughter, happiness, love, and harmony. You can permanently showcase your creativity and gifts through your pages. Be a different vibe. Counter the forces of intolerance and anger that cloud the social media pages with light and love. While it may seem like labor in futility, keep going. You will realize the impact after some time.  

Purpose to Share Accurate Information

Online platforms have become a source of world news and current events. People widely share stories, politics, world events, and social issues as soon as they occur. News travels faster than before on social media in this tech era. While these platforms are instrumental in passing information, imagine how much damage spreading false words or misinformation can cause. 

Countries like Rwanda understand the power of the media and how it fanned the genocide. 

Take personal responsibility and purpose to verify the accuracy of anything you share on your pages. Avoid one-sided stories that are heavily biased. Your followers can objectively decide if you give them facts. Communicate the truth without manipulating others’ views or misleading them. 

Purpose of having Peaceful Interactions with Others

Social media is a vast community of unique individuals with different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. You will interact with many people who hold a contrary opinion and do not see things from your perspective. The actual test on man is engaging respectfully with people of different views than ours. 

Communicating on social media pages can create The Nasty Effect, as people hide behind profiles with no eye contact. People will likely display more arrogance and turn a simple discussion into war. Since online trolls are on the loose, thriving on such opportunities, consciously disengage from meaningless talks and take the high path of wisdom and peace. 

Since you can hardly change the mind of random people, you meet online on touchy issues, move on and conserve your energy. 

Share Quality, not Quantity

In this busy life where people contend with schedules and deadlines, among many other responsibilities, avoid posting endless meaningless Tweets and posts. Only speak if you can add value and avoid getting into every conversation.  

People pay attention when you keep your quality posts high and the quantity low. An inspiring quote, a few words, a thought-provoking article, or a striking photo can significantly impact your pages more than many posts your followers will never read.

Final Thoughts 

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Craft the act of introducing yourself. Maximize any opportunity to make a positive first impression influencing social and business relationships. Seek to build your net worth and add value to anyone you interact with online. Also, have an open mind to learn from the many people on social media platforms. 

Use your space to share crucial information that sparks beneficial conversations and forges meaningful connections.