How to plan summer break for you and your family

So when summer comes around, you have to keep your kids busy. This can be hard, especially if you work a full time job or have many different responsibilities to manage in your day to day life. Yes of course you can just leave your kids to it when they reach a certain age, but when they are in the earlier stages of their lives you can’t really take your eyes off of them.

Another thing to remember is that you want them to make the most of this time that they have away from school, you don’t want it just to fly by without anything particularly special or exciting happening in their summer break. Their school holiday should be something that they have good memories of and memories that they cherish for a long time. Brookland public schools have many opportunities to have a little break for you and your family, as well as Auburn city schools calendar. It’s not hard to find information online about when they will be in or away from school. I recommended you print it off, set reminders in your phone or laptop or just write them in your diary. This means you can plan everything beforehand, making everything a lot easier when it comes to the holidays.

So here in this article I won’t just be writing about going to places on a vacation, it will also include stuff to do for all different price ranges. I want to appeal to all kinds of families, I’m gonna include stuff that you can do at home and stuff you can do away from home. Some of the things the kids can do alone, some of the things you will need to accompany them depending on their age. It is also important that you know how to get your home ready for the summer heat.

You’ll have a load of different options, like I said I’ll cover most needs and requirements. Let’s get started.

Time to get moving

This one can be done as a family, this one is also the most important and helpful. Hence why I listed it as the first one. When I say get moving it doesnt mean a 2 hour long military boot camp or going for a 10 mile run. I mean going for a walk, I mean. Let me ask you something, When was the last time you just went for a walk? Not walking to the store, walking through the mall or walking your kid home from school. I mean just a walk, with no intention other than to breath in some fresh air and smell the roses.

I dont think ive ever gone for a walk and felt worse after it, you will always feel better. Unless it’s really cold or hot, if it is then you will have many other options to choose from below

5 benefits of physical exercise

  • Control your weight
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Promotes good mental health
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts overall energy in the body and mind

I don’t think I need to sell it to you anymore, you know the facts, you know the benefits. Now it’s time to get off your ass and get moving

Summer camp

Ok, this is for the lazy parent. No, I’m kidding, summer camps are great for kids and even teenagers too. They will learn all kinds of new things, they will also become more social and better with communication when they grow older. Would you rather them sit inside in front of a computer screen or scrolling through Tiktok, or would you think it’s a better idea that they are surrounded by kids to talk to without screens in front of their eyes. You know the answer already, I think, or at least I hope so.

And this may be costly, but you will benefit too. Maybe you’ve been having intimacy issues with your partner, well this is an excellent time to tackle it. Maybe you just need to sit on the sofa all day and eat chips, now’s a great time to do it. With no distractions you’ll be able to pay a little more attention to yourself or yourself and your partner. You need love as well, you know?

Explore the local area

It could be a nature reserve or a national park that you’ve always heard of but never ended up going to. Well now is a great time, getting your kids outdoors to breathe in the fresh air, see wildlife in their natural habitat and see different species of flowers and trees. This is a great experience, many children who live in big cities across the world would never even have the chance to see all these amazing sights. And good news they may even be only 1 hour away

Time to pack up the car, no reason to go for days. If it’s not too far away you can still return to the comfort of your own home.

If you’re feeling like you wanna push the boat out a bit more, then book a nice log cabin in the woods. Make a rule where there are no electronics allowed until 8pm, meaning you will be able to have an amazing quality time with your most loved ones.

Get your hands dirty

Ok this can be done in many ways, but I’ll give 2 examples.


Buy all the ingredients, get yourself into the kitchen and get started. Don’t control them too much. Just let them do their thing. But I would recommend that you guide them, but whatever you don’t. No matter how much of a control freak you are, dont take over. Let them just enjoy the experience, these are the things they’ll remember. And I’ll also add on, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out. The cake could taste pretty bad or be overcooked, it’s all about the experience


This is if you have a garden, if not ask grandma and grandpa or a close friend if they can help out. Imagine if you guys planted a tree, they could watch it grow. Maybe when they get older they could say to their kids ‘I grew that tree’ and let the cycle begin

Closing thoughts

That’s all from me guys and girls, I hope you’ve found something somewhat useful here. Most importantly, enjoy your summer break!

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