How to Pick the Right Dog for Your Kids

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility, especially if you have children. It means a new family member that needs love, care, and attention. However, once you’ve decided that you’re ready to get a new furry friend, it’s time to determine which breed you’re going to get. Before getting a dog, you should understand that not all dogs are compatible with kids. Some of them require exercise and attention, while others are not suitable indoors. Each breed has its own pros and cons that you must be aware of before bringing the dog home. That way, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to provide a loving home for this new family member.

Here’s how you can pick the right dog breed for your kids.


Before getting a new puppy, you should know whether you’ll be able to afford this new member or not. By affording a puppy, we don’t mean the price you’re going to pay to get the dog. It’s the monthly cost you’ll be paying for them. Getting food for a large breed dog is a lot more expensive than getting it for a small breed; the same applies to healthcare costs. Ask other dog parents how much their food costs per month so you can decide whether to go for a large breed or a small one.

Where To Get Your Dog

Some breeders in Florida sell dogs that have serious health issues without disclosing that fact, which leaves the new pet parent with an unhealthy dog who needs medical care all the time. That’s why you should ask your friends and neighbors where they got their dogs and if their breeder is trusted or not. However, you should first make up your mind whether you’re going to adopt or buy a puppy as it will ease the process for you. Pet lovers at Your Puppy FL recommend getting a fully vaccinated puppy to ensure that it’s healthy. When puppies take all of their vaccination, they are less prone to common diseases and are usually healthier than puppies who didn’t. Getting your new furry friend from a trusted breeder or shelter will guarantee that it’s a purebred.


Your kids’ lifestyle should be taken into consideration when you’re getting a new puppy. If your kids spend most of their time indoors, it will be exhausting to get an active dog such as an Australian shepherd, Dalmatian, or Border collie. These dogs require a minimum of one hour a day of exercise and can be destructive if they stay indoors for too long. However, if you and the kids play sports and spend a lot of time outdoors, these breeds will be ideal for you as a family.


Regular grooming is a must for every dog, but some breeds need more care than others. Poodles, Puli, Akita, and similar long-haired dogs, need to be groomed twice a week and sometimes more. They need care that most children cannot provide, especially if they’re younger than 10 years old. When long-haired dogs are not groomed properly, their hair becomes dirty and matted, which can cause their skin to irritate. If you’re getting the dog mainly for your kids and you want them to be responsible, then it’s better to get a low-maintenance dog. Almost all short-haired dogs are low maintenance as they need grooming once a week or once every 10 days.


Choosing a breed that has the same behavior as your kids are the perfect way to ensure that they will get along. If your kids are full of energy and spend a lot of time playing around, then you should choose an energetic breed that can keep up with their energy. If your kids love to play indoors, then getting a Labrador will be preferable. Bolognese Pugs and Japanese chin are considered lap dogs and are great for a toddler. Your children’s behavior and age is a major factor when deciding which breed you should get.

How to Pick the Right Dog for Your Kids

Getting a dog for your kids is not an easy step. It’s a long process that needs a lot of planning, to ensure that you and your kids will be able to take care of this new family member. The reason why you need a puppy will also affect what type of breed you’re going to get. If you want a dog that plays with your children, teaches them how to be responsible and at the same time takes care of them, then a Golden Retriever or Labrador will be ideal for you. If you’re still not sure what breed you should choose, you can ask your kids why they need a dog and what breed they’re interested in. Reading the pros and cons of each breed will allow you to have a better vision of what to expect and whether it will be suitable or not.