How to Make Your Workplace More Functional With Standing Desks

Sitting for long periods increases the chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancers. The sedentary lifestyle is a big concern for employers globally. Many of your employees may also be spending more time sitting in their cubicles than engaging in any physical activities. This may ultimately affect their health and productivity.

Functional workspace and employee health are two crucial elements of productivity. A healthy alternative like IsoKing desks to use while standing provides you dual benefits: make the workspace more functional and provide tangible health benefits. If you are looking for the best standing desk in singapore, click the link.

Improved Workspace Functionality

Save Space

Commercial spaces come at a premium, and you can benefit from standing desks as they are excellent space-saving furniture. These desks have an intelligent design, and they feature different platforms for devices that optimally use vertical space and reduce the horizontal space requirement. For example, a standing desk has an elevated platform for the monitor and a separate platform for the keyboard mouse.

Easy to Assemble

Many times, you need to clear office space for various reasons. Standing desks are collapsible and easy to assemble. If the need arises, you can fold and store them separately and optimise the office space.

Cable Management

Cable clutter is typical in office spaces, and it reduces workspace functionality. Standing desks have better cable management features that hide most cables used to connect keyboard, mouse, monitor, and Internet. Thus, it makes the office space look clutter-free while enhancing its functionality.

Hooks for Headphones and Cables

Standing desks have hooks for headphones and cables. It means these accessories will not be lying on your work desk when not in use. You can use the hooks to hang your headphones and cables safely.

Sit/Stand Comfortably

Some standing desks may allow you to alternate sitting and standing movements while working. For example, you can sit on your chair and work on your regular desk when you want to. If you want to work in a standing position, you can use a tabletop standing desk placed on your desk, elevating your monitor and keyboard mouse to a higher level.

Health Benefits

Improves Posture and Tones Muscles

According to health experts, your body uses more muscles while standing. Using standing desks for short periods in the office can strengthen your core, calf, and thigh muscles. Incorporating standing for a few hours in your office routine will also help improve your posture.

To improve your posture, you need to stand straight and avoid slouching. You can benefit from IsoKing desks to use while standing as they allow you to adjust the platform height to ensure the correct standing posture. It would help if you stood straight, and you should position your feet right below your hips.

Toning muscles can also increase calorie burning rate as standing while working can boost your metabolism and burn calories faster.

Can Reduce Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain due to sitting for long periods, you can use standing desks. Studies have shown intermittent standing bouts and breaking your office routine of sitting for long hours can help reduce back pain. 54% of workers mentioned they experienced a reduction in back pain when they reduced sitting time.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

An increased blood sugar level is a significant health risk and an open invitation to several lifestyle diseases. Any activity you do during the day that lowers your blood sugar levels is excellent. A study has found replacing your sitting time with walking or standing can help lower blood sugar levels.

When investing in office furniture, companies should look at both aspects of furniture, like the health benefits and improved functionality. A standing desk is a helpful piece of furniture that helps you achieve both objectives in one go.