How to Make Your Workplace More Functional With Standing Desks

Sitting for long periods increases the chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancers. The sedentary lifestyle is a big concern for employers globally. Many of your employees may also be spending more time sitting in their cubicles than engaging in any physical activities. This may ultimately affect their health and productivity.

Thus, the use of standing desks at work has gotten a lot of attention in the past few years as companies put more emphasis on the health and happiness of their employees. Standing desks, which are adjustable workstations that let employees switch between sitting and standing while they work, are a solution to these problems. They offer a variety of benefits, such as better health, increased productivity, flexibility, and customization options. They also help create a positive workplace culture and image.

Moreover, these desks prevent you from being too sedentary and encourage you to move around. This can help you avoid health problems that may come from sitting for too long. Additionally, standing desks can enhance productivity by reducing discomfort, increasing alertness, and improving concentration, all of which can positively impact employee performance and efficiency. Furthermore, it also offers a lot of flexibility and can be made to fit your needs. Many standing desks have heights that can be adjustable so that employees can adjust their workstations to their preferred height and posture. This can make people more comfortable and put less strain on their bodies.

Functional workspace and employee health are two crucial elements of productivity. A healthy alternative like IsoKing desks to use while standing provides you dual benefits: make the workspace more functional and provide tangible health benefits. If you are looking for the best standing desk in singapore, click the link.

Improved Workspace Functionality

Save Space

Traditional desks take up much floor space, especially if multiple employees use them. But standing desks are usually smaller and take up less space so that you can use your workspace more efficiently. Commercial spaces come at a premium, and you can benefit from standing desks as they are excellent space-saving furniture. These desks have an intelligent design, and they feature different platforms for devices that optimally use vertical space and reduce the horizontal space requirement. 

Standing desks come in many different styles, such as desks with height adjustments, desks that are attached to the wall, and even portable desks that are easy to move and store when not in use. This variety in design and size can help make the most of the space available, making it easier to manage and use. Also, standing desks can eliminate the need for extra furniture, like separate tables for standing meetings or conversations. Adding standing desks to your office can make the furniture layout more efficient and save space and money that would be spent on buying more furniture.

Furthermore, some standing desks have built-in storage options like shelves, drawers, or cable management systems that can help keep the workspace clean and organized, reducing clutter and saving space. 

Easy to Assemble

Many times, you need to clear office space for various reasons. Standing desks are collapsible and easy to assemble. If the need arises, you can fold and store them separately and optimise the office space. A lot of standing desks are made to be easy to put together. Most modern standing desks come with clear instructions, labelled parts, and often all the tools you need for assembly. Most of these types of desks are also made to be modular or adjustable, which makes them easier to set up and customize to your needs.

In general, putting together a desk means attaching the legs or frame to the desktop, adjusting the height, and securing any extra parts, like monitor arms or keyboard trays. The assembly process may be more or less complicated depending on the brand, model, and features of the standing desk, but many manufacturers try to make the process as easy as possible.

In connection, some standing desks even offer pre-assembled or partially assembled options, making the setup process even easier. Some of these desks may already have motors or mechanisms built in, which makes putting them together easier.

Cable Management

Cable management is an important part of making your workplace more functional with standing desks. As with any desk, standing desks can end up with a lot of cables and cords for things like computers, monitors, keyboards, chargers, and more. Cable clutter is typical in office spaces, and it reduces workspace functionality. Hence, managing your cables in the right way can help keep your workspace clean, organized, and safe. Standing desks have better cable management features that hide most cables used to connect keyboard, mouse, monitor, and Internet. Thus, it makes the office space look clutter-free while enhancing its functionality.

Many modern standing desks have built-in cable management systems to help you keep your wires organized and out of sight. These may have features like cable trays, grommets, or clips that let you run and hide the cords along the desk legs or under the desktop. Some standing desks also come with add-ons like cable sleeves, wire baskets, or adhesive clips, making it easier to manage cables.

Having good cable management can give you a lot of benefits. It can reduce clutter and trip hazards, make the desk area look nicer, and make it easier to clean and maintain.

Hooks for Headphones and Cables

Standing desks have hooks for headphones and cables. It means these accessories will not be lying on your work desk when not in use. You can use the hooks to hang your headphones and cables safely.

These hooks are usually small pieces that can be attached to the sides or under the desk. They give you a place to hang your headphones or run cables when not in use. This can keep your desk from getting cluttered and keep your headphones from getting tangled or broken.

Look for strong hooks for headphones and cables that can hold the weight of your headphones or cables without falling off or damaging the desk. Some hooks may come with adhesive backing for easy installation, while others may require screws or other mounting hardware. Consider the location and accessibility of the hooks, and choose a placement that is most convenient for your needs and workflow.

Sit/Stand Comfortably

man in maroon sitting and a man in gray standing image

Some standing desks may allow you to alternate sitting and standing movements while working. For example, you can sit on your chair and work on your regular desk when you want to. If you want to work in a standing position, you can use a tabletop standing desk placed on your desk, elevating your monitor and keyboard mouse to a higher level.

In addition, when using a standing desk to make your workplace more functional, finding comfortable ways to sit and stand is important. One of the best things about a standing desk is that you can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. This allows you to have better posture, reduces the risk of musculoskeletal problems, and makes you feel more comfortable overall.

To sit comfortably at a standing desk, you must ensure that the desk’s height allows for proper ergonomic positioning. Your feet should be flat on the floor, your knees should be at a 90-degree angle, and your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle when you start typing. Use an ergonomic chair with good lumbar support, and set the chair’s height to match the height of the desk.

Health Benefits

Improves Posture and Tones Muscles

According to health experts, your body uses more muscles while standing. Using standing desks for short periods in the office can strengthen your core, calf, and thigh muscles. Incorporating standing for a few hours in your office routine will also help improve your posture.

To improve your posture, you need to stand straight and avoid slouching. You can benefit from IsoKing desks to use while standing as they allow you to adjust the platform height to ensure the correct standing posture. It would help if you stood straight, and you should position your feet right below your hips.

Toning muscles can also increase calorie burning rate as standing while working can boost your metabolism and burn calories faster.

Can Reduce Back Pain

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If you suffer from back pain due to sitting for long periods, you can use standing desks. Studies have shown intermittent standing bouts and breaking your office routine of sitting for long hours can help reduce back pain. 54% of workers mentioned they experienced a reduction in back pain when they reduced sitting time.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

An increased blood sugar level is a significant health risk and an open invitation to several lifestyle diseases. Any activity you do during the day that lowers your blood sugar levels is excellent. A study has found replacing your sitting time with walking or standing can help lower blood sugar levels.

When investing in office furniture, companies should look at both aspects of furniture, like the health benefits and improved functionality. A standing desk is a helpful piece of furniture that helps you achieve both objectives in one go.