How To Make Your Driveway Stand Out And Impress Your Neighbors

You would notice some houses are more conspicuous in most neighborhoods; they garner more attention than others. Apart from the beauty of the property, what impresses your neighbor is most times the driveway. Maybe because it’s the first thing people see when they drive in or walk by the house.

Considering it’s what is at the entrance of your house, it’s important for you to put some thought into the design that sends a message that you’re neat and classy. If the driveway is all unkept and washed-out with a torn old doormat at the front, it gives off the impression that you’re an untidy person and your home would look that way too.

Even if other parts of the building are well structured and painted, a cracked driveway takes away from all that beauty. So, how about making some little changes and restructuring to your driveway? With a little bit of research, you can add some curb appeal to the entrance of your home. Check out ways to do that below.

1. Place Stones By The Side

How would stones make my driveway more aesthetic? That’s a great question to ask, but before you decide to stick with flowers by the side, keep reading. Modern driveways, even though wisely built with slabs of concrete, are not always desirable in a beautiful aesthetic sense. Simply put, it is effective but not appealing.

While it might make more sense to plant flowers to beautify the driveway, you would be faced with more work as you’d need to keep trimming it and hope it doesn’t grow into the driveway. If your home’s drive-in was built with modern concrete, spruce it up by placing stones by the side. That subtle placement would add texture to the path and significantly elevate the curb appeal of your home.

2. Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveways offer a classic look that would catch the eyes of anyone walking by your house. It gives this super clean appearance and provides crispiness that would match the style of your home.

Using asphalt for your driveway is cost-effective, easy to install, and can withstand any weather condition. Reach out to this asphalt contractor to repair your driveway if you have one or install a new one if you don’t. To make it more pleasing, you can line the driveway with stones.

3. Use Weed-Free Bricks

Bricks have been an age-long form of aesthetics and you’re certain of the outcome when you use them appropriately. Not the types that have spaces in between for weeds to grow. This kind of brick would give you a wide, circular driveway that feels like a direct portrayal of something from the history books. The look you’d get would be the tone for your dream home. Just ensure it is tidy and weed-free as earlier stated.

A good way to get rid of the weeds is to spray them with an herbicide weeks before you lay the bricks. Spray again after a week later to ensure you didn’t miss anyone or if you’d prefer, spread landscape fabric or fill polymeric sand below the bricks.  Meanwhile, if you want your driveway to really stand out, you must use high-quality pebbles and gravel. Find out the significance of pebbles and gravel by consulting experts in this field. Read their explanation here.

4. Design the Driveways With Cobblestones

Design the Driveways With Cobblestones

Cobblestone is old-fashioned, yet stylish. It brings to mind European towns filled with rich history while giving you a well-designed landscape. Cobbles are rounded stones that have always been known and used to create roads and pathways. Their size is usually between two and ten inches.

You can use cobblestones to create a driveway that gives a different curb appeal by adding its elegant historic touch. Furthermore, it adds texture to the outlook of the driveway and makes some pleasant sound when tires roll across it.

5. Improve The Landscape

Try and improve the landscape to add more beauty to your driveway and impress your neighbors. This one step that you can do yourself or outsource; the latter is highly recommended.  Don’t forget to consider adding a driveway channel drain.

Add flowers to your driveway for an amazing blend of color, but not too close. Be mindful of the types of flowers you select. Perennials crops would ease you of unnecessary stress of planting at the next season; you plant and it lives for over two years. Similar criteria apply to annual and biannual crops.

6. Decorate Your Mailbox

Customize your mailboxes such that they draw people’s attention to the driveway behind them. You could plant beautiful flowers around it, paint it, or place personalized stickers on it.

Transforming your driveway to become the talk of the neighborhood depends on how committed you are and what your current budget for it is. The ideas listed above are great ways to get started.