How to Make Gym Time Your Time

For many busy mums, finding time for a shower each day is hard enough, let alone fitting in a gym session. However, with these tips not only will you manage to fit the gym into your busy schedule, but you’ll also actively look forward to it. A bit of time to yourself is really important, particularly for those with a demanding schedule. Although the gym might seem like an enormous slog at the moment, with just a few simple tricks you can totally change your relationship with exercise.

So, without further ado, here’s how to revamp your exercise routine.

Have a Plan

Are you the kind of person who arrives at the gym with good intentions but somehow seems to spend more time resting than working out? You’re absolutely not alone in this and the reason that most of us do it is simple, we haven’t got a good plan. Finding the time in your day to make it to the gym is the hardest part, so you really ought to make the most of it once you’re there! A little time management is all you need to ensure you’re maximizing your workout time.

Working on one or two body parts per day is the way to get the most out of your exercise. If you’re planning to work on legs and glutes one day, then decide before you get to the gym which exercises you’re going to do. Free weights can be a great asset for those wanting to do squats and lunges to really help you feel the burn. Machines such as the leg press, or lift, can be brilliant tools to work into your leg day routine. Decide for how many reps you’re going to do each exercise and make it a plan. That way you’ll spend more time moving and less time worrying about other people looking at you.

Story Time!

A part of the gym that many of us struggle with is getting through cardio, when you’re clocking up the miles on the treadmill, the sound of your breathing, the pain in your limbs, and the feeling that people are watching you can make it feel hard to continue. However, you can make the time fly past a lot quicker by making this your ‘entertainment’ time. Many people use their time at the gym in order to catch up with a podcast or audiobook.

Fans of a strong female lead might enjoy one of the best audiobooks of recent years, Molly’s Game. This audiobook takes a dive into Molly’s world and will have you running on that treadmill for longer than ever before waiting for the next big reveal. Of course, what you listen to is entirely up to you, but having something that is totally separate from exercise really helps to take your mind off the grueling task at hand.

Gyms Have Showers You Know

Once you’ve got your workout sorted, it’s time to think about how to make your routine surrounding it as efficient as possible. One way of doing this is by getting your packing down to a fine art. Packing a gym bag might sound simple and it can be, but packing one effectively needs a little bit of planning.

If you’re going to work afterward consider sectioning your bag off so that your work clothes don’t end up smelling like your gym ones. A sealed plastic bag for your towel will stop your packed lunch from getting soggy and a condensed makeup bag means you can shower at the gym and leave looking ready for anything. Being able to get ready at the gym saves you so much valuable time over going all the way home to get ready. Once you’ve got your gym bag packed then it’s super easy to swap out clean workout gear. You can even check if your gym allows you to leave bags there, meaning you don’t even have to carry it to work with you. Little tricks like this make the whole process so smooth that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.