How to keep your Car in Good Shape on a Road Trip?

Car is not just a vehicle, it is a status symbol, a territory, a power thing and also impressive. Cars are used for both long and short trips which make it a very useful asset. Car is a prized possession because of which it is imperative to keep it in good shape. People often anthropomorphize their cars as sentient beings so taking care of it to that level is also very much important. The best way to take care of car is by opting for a car insurance. Bharti AXA provides one of the best car insurance online. Here’s a post to help you understand why you should definitely get your car insured.

Ways to keep the car in good shape on a road trip

Road trips are the best when done in a car. Car comes at best use during road trips as most of them are long trips with new experiences not just for us but also for our cars. Road trips are the real tests of the car’s ability and performance. We as owners have some basic responsibility towards our cars to keep them in good shape wherever we go.

  • Keep it clean inside and out.

The general rule says it is important to give the car a wash in every two weeks.But during a road trip the car comes in contact with so much of dirt and dust so it is important give it a wash even while on a trip. Waxing your car is important also, it will help you avoid dirt sticking on your car for some time.   If your car is white, be sure to use the best car wax for white cars.  Usually the cleanliness part is limited to the outside of the car which is wrong, it is important to keep the of the car also very clean so that the maps and other useful things can be easily found when in a road trip. Always keep a small dustbin inside the car to keep it clean even during a road trip.  Also when its time to consider a new car you have a lot of options to consider.  If you are looking for hanford auto sales click here

  • Keep an eye on the tire treads

Road trips use most of the efficiency of the car’s tire which can lead the tire to wear down. It is advisable to always check the tire’s condition because a defect in tire can lead to many unfortunate events. And during a road trip always take along a spare tire along.  You also want to have the quietest tires possible.

  • No Luggage over the car

Putting luggage over the car creates air friction and slows down bringing more gas which can at times bring in an unacceptable delay in reaching the destination of the road trip. Even if the luggage is to be kept over the car it should be covered with strong sheet and should be tied very well.

  • Never miss the Oil and the brakes

If the oil of the car gets burnt off or the level of it goes down, the car might stop functioning or the functioning of the car can get affected. It is good to check even during a road trip the amount of oil in the engine and whether it is clean or not. Extra oil should also be carried along in the trip along with its filter. The brakes of the car should also be checked whether is in proper condition or not otherwise can lead to mishaps.