How to keep cookies fresh and soft for days?

Munching on soft and moist sugar cookies, that are just out of the oven, is one of the most wonderful guilty pleasures. But the downside to these beauties is that if you bite on the same gooey cookie the next day; it will be hard to bite on. Isn’t that annoying? You spend a good amount of time making those scrumptious cookies and then BOOM, they turn stale. So how to keep it fresh and soft for at least a few days? Let’s find out.

What will make the cookies soft?

Baking is nothing less than science. Cookies can turn hard fast, due to the ingredients that you use in them. Or they can be the most gooey cookies you have ever made, depending on what you put into them and the proportions you use. At the end, it is all about the moisture.

So what will keep the cookies soft? The main ingredients that play a role in making soft and gooey cookies are butter, egg yolks and brown sugar. These 3 main ingredients are the key to retaining moisture and thus, are your key to success for softer sugar cookies. This is the major reason why biscotti cookies are never soft because they lack the key ingredients that retain moisture for a long time.

Also, it is best that you do not fiddle with the ingredients a lot. Make sure that you don’t experiment with the proportions a lot. However, if you are fiddling with them a bit, you can play with egg yolk, use food coloring gel to look it more moisture, and it will certainly pay off.

Why do sugar cookies get hard?

Just like your skin gets deprived of hydration, same is the case with cookies. They will turn hard as soon as they run out of moisture and hydration. The process of drying out begins as soon as you take the cookies out from the oven as the sugar and other starch based ingredients begin to solidify.  But this is not always the case, especially for those breastfeeding moms, who are recommended to take the healthier lactation cookies singapore.

How to keep cookies soft?

So how do we keep cookies soft and fresh for a long time?

Firstly, make sure that you add brown sugar to your cookies. Even a simple addition of 2 tbsp will make a difference. Brown sugar is great at locking the moisture.

Another great way is to store the sugar cookies with bread. Pop a little bread in the jar that you toss the cookies in and you will see this work as magic.

You can also try under-baking your cookies for a minute or two. Take them out two minutes earlier from the oven and it will also help in keeping them fresh.

Lastly, the container you store them in, must be extremely air-tight. Air is the main element that sucks the moisture out of the cookies. Therefore, you want to ensure that you store them in an air-tight container.


There are so many great ways to enjoy cookies including finding personalised cookies online and other great options.

You now know what elements can keep your cookies fresh and moist. Thus, make sure that you add them to your cookies and store them right to keep them fresh for days.