how to install Handheld Shower Head for Pleasure

When you hop into the shower, and you cannot reach some places, it can be very infuriating. Those hard to reach areas cannot be achieved with a fixed shower head that is why you need a handheld one; you are in control of where the water splashes. It is easy to use because you only need to hold it in your hand and direct where the water goes. Very easy and effective.

What is a handheld showerhead?

A Handheld Shower Head for Pleasure is a portable shower head connected to the primary water source that directs water through the fixed showerhead. It is handheld and therefore provides you with a greater reach than a fixed showerhead cannot achieve. The showerheads are useful for body coverage and efficiency because you do not have to use a lot of water.

Step by step process of how to install a handheld showerhead for pleasure

The actions that we are about to list down apply to a space that has never had a showerhead before, you will need to have a tub spout diverter valve.

• Install the new tub spout diverter valve

The tub spout diverter valve is the base for the new handheld showerhead. It is where you screw on the shower.

• Drill the sidebar wall mount. It will act as where you will place the handheld wall mount

• Time to fix the hose.

Connect the start of the hose to where the shower ends and test leakages by running the bath

Describe the materials required

When setting up a showerhead, there are many tools and materials needed to fix the shower, and they include:

• A wrench

A wrench is needed if you are removing an old showerhead to install a new handheld one.

• A drill

A drill is needed if you are attaching a wall mount to house the handheld showerhead.

• Plumber seal tape

The table is solid and seals any leakages.

• Handheld showerhead

You will need a shower head that you will install on the space allocated.

• Heavy cloth

Heavy clothed material is needed to soak up excess water in a showerhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you install a handheld showerhead for an existing shower?

The first thing to do is remove the existing showerhead, set it aside, and protect it with heavy materials like leather to soak up all the water in case you need to use the old showerhead somewhere else. The next step is to clean the place the former shower head was. Cleaning that part helps get rid of mineral and dirt build-up that had accumulated. It would help if you then covered up the exposed wires by using a special tape. You can then fit the handheld showerhead by hand and screw it in, making sure it fits tightly. After attaching the showerhead, it is now to fix the hose. You connect the hose to the showerhead by hand, making sure it is tight at the end. You can check if it is tight enough by running water through it; if it does not have leaks, it is good to go.

a. How do you install a handheld showerhead in a bathtub?

You will need to have a tub spout valve diverter. Replace your new tub diverter with the new one; this will be the base of your showerhead. You can then place the showerhead on to the valve.

b. Where should a handheld showerhead be placed?

Where a showerhead should be placed is up to you. It should be conveniently placed so that you can comfortably reach and get the most out of water pressure.

c. How do you install an adjustable showerhead?

You first need to remove the showerhead that was initially there using a wrench. Carefully remove the old showerhead then tire the wires with seal tape. Go ahead and add the showerhead sealing it up well and connecting the hose.

d. Can you run two shower heads on one valve?

You can have water coming from two different showerheads with one single valve. The temperature of the water will be the same; the water pressure, however, may vary.

e. Do shower hoses fit all showers?

They do not fit the same. Hoses may look the same, but the connection point varies with the hose and shower. Assuming that the hose is the same, it can cause leakages to your shower.


Handheld showers give you the pleasure that cannot be achieved by fixed showerheads. The showerheads are easy to install, and the results of the rain are practical and efficient.