How to Improve Vaginal Dryness

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, don’t stress. You are not alone with this frustrating part of being a woman. In fact, there have been many studies done that show at least one in every five to six women experience vaginal dryness.

What exactly is vaginal dryness? It is a condition that can cause your vaginal area to feel a lot of discomfort—from feelings of dryness and itchiness to burning sensations. For many, this also leads to painful intercourse and urination.

Vaginal dryness can be caused by a range of factors. Most commonly it is experienced by women who are going through menopause. But women who are also going through other radical physical changes, whether that be breastfeeding, chemotherapy, or taking various medications can also experience this as well.

However, there are many natural cures for helping to cope with and get rid of vaginal dryness. So we have rounded up all the best ways to improve vaginal dryness and get back to feeling great down there.

Here are the top tips that others who have been in your position have found extremely helpful in getting rid of vaginal dryness.

1. Natural Lube

One of the most obvious ways to improve vaginal dryness is through using natural lube. Even if you don’t suffer from vaginal dryness, you can still benefit from natural lube. In fact, every person who wants to be intimate should use it.

The best natural lube is formulated with just two ingredients: CBD and organic coconut oil. The combination of these two ingredients allows for the vaginal area to have natural lubrication which can both decrease feelings of discomfort while also increasing feelings of arousal.

With natural lube being free of any chemicals, there is really no reason at all to not try this great solution.

2. More Foreplay

Sometimes all you need is just a little bit more foreplay to get rid of vaginal dryness. In fact, we like to believe that there really is no such thing as too much foreplay. So rather than you and your partner going right into the serious activity, take some time to play around with different types of foreplay that really please one another.

It’s okay to ask for a little bit more attention. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for it, especially if it will help both of you enjoy the intimacy that much more.

3. Keep Pubic Hair

While many of us like to get rid of all our pubic hair down there, keeping some of the fuzz can actually help keep that area more naturally lubricated. This is because the pubic hair acts as a natural buffer that supports both the skin and the vulva to stay moist. The more hair you remove, the drier it will be down there. So play around with letting your pubic hair stay down there and see if it makes a difference.

4. Moisturize Down There

We all have a skincare routine that involves likely putting lots of different serums and moisturizers on our faces. But do you put anything on your skin near your vaginal area? While we definitely aren’t recommending putting anything inside your vagina, there are some vaginal moisturizers that will prevent your skin from drying out too much down there.\

5. Try New Medicine

If you aren’t going through menopause but have started a new medication that has led to you experiencing vaginal dryness, it may be time to talk to your doctor about trying different medications. Especially if it is allergy medicine, the antihistamines can be really problematic in causing vaginal dryness. Your doctor will likely have some alternatives for you to consider instead.

6. Use a Hormone Cream

If you are going through menopause and experiencing vaginal dryness, you should also talk to your doctor about your options. More often than not your doctor will be able to provide you with a topical hormone cream that can help your vaginal dryness not be so intense. It is usually going to be some type of estrogen cream that will really help you out in this scenario.

7. Examine for Skin Conditions

Having an underlying skin condition could also be a reason why you are experiencing vaginal dryness. In fact, you can actually have eczema on your vulva. If you think this may be what is causing your vaginal dryness, you should head to a gynecologist as soon as possible. They will be able to prescribe you some steroid creams that will significantly help cure the underlying issue.


You shouldn’t have to suffer through vaginal dryness. If you are experiencing this, take comfort in knowing there are numerous solutions out there for you. From natural lube to topical creams, you will be able to find a treatment that helps you feel moist down there again.