How To Host A Fun And Affordable Birthday Party For Kids

Children will always remember their birthdays as special days, so it’s no wonder if they ask their parents to celebrate their birthdays. You may want to make your children’s wish to celebrate their birthday, but at the same time, you currently need to be economical.

Worry not, because we have curated the best tips to ensure you can celebrate your little one’s birthday even with only a small allocation of funds. Though you may only have a limited fund, the celebration party can still be lively and definitely will make your kids feel special!

Host the birthday party at your own home

Hosting the party at your own house rather than a park or restaurant is definitely the first step that you can take to have an affordable birthday party. Holding the party at home is free, thus you don’t have to pay for anything for the venue. You can put some of the furniture away, to make a proper and spacious room for the party celebration.

Determine the number of guests to invite

Usually, at a children’s birthday party, the number of the children’s friends won’t be as much as the parent’s friends. Therefore, you should count how many guests will be invited to your little one’s party.

The number of guests invited will greatly affect many things such as the number of goodie bags that must be prepared, how many food portions you have to provide, and how many accessories such as hats and other birthday decorations you should purchase. The more guests you invite, the more funds you will need.

Simple decoration

Decorating the birthday venue by yourself will help to press your budget even more. To get cheap decorations, you can research online stores and look for the lowest price packages. They usually offer a bundle of decoration that is much cheaper when they sell it in bulk. However, if you have a lot of used items at home, there’s nothing wrong with making simple decorations from used goods.

At first thinking, you should decorate the birthday venue by yourself might seem very intimidating. But, it is not that hard. Especially now that there are tons of tutorials on how to make easy and inexpensive birthday party decorations on YouTube. The ultimate key is to make it festive and colorful.  So even if you DIY-ing everything, the kids will still be fascinated by the beautiful color choices and the party will be much more festive!

Bake the birthday cakes by yourself

Birthday cake can be categorized as one of the most expensive components of celebrating a birthday. Usually, birthday cakes are more expensive because they are decorated in such a way to ensure children are very happy upon seeing them.

If you can bake your cake, it definitely will help to save you tons! Bake the cake based on your little one’s favorite flavor. And for the decoration, you can look for a cake topper to decorate it afterward. So what are you waiting for? Get your hand ready to whip the cake dough!

Choose the right party time

A suitable time to celebrate children’s birthdays is in the morning between 08.00 and 11.00 or after 13.00 in the afternoon. Hosting the party during these times mentioned above is definitely great because it’s not their lunchtime yet. Thus you don’t have to provide lunch for them. You also just need to purchase bulk water bottles to get a cheaper price, and put them around the house instead of providing other sections of drinks.

In addition, at this time the children are also just getting out of bed from their nap, so they won’t be fussy when attending your child’s birthday party.

The party should be fun

Though you want to press the budget for the birthday party, it does not mean that the party should be boring! You should make sure various fun games for children can be played together or hire a magician to turn the event into a more fun one!

Having a host to ensure the party went smoothly is also important. But instead of hiring a host, you should ask someone you know who is talkative and fun to be the one who hosts the party. You can provide them with a timeline of the party, and thus they have guidance on what to do. Having a host will be very beneficial in ensuring that your little one and his friends don’t get bored and want to take part in the event from start to finish.

Here are some of the best tips that you can do to host a festive but affordable birthday party for your children. Hope it helps to put a smile on their cute faces!

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