How to Get Started With Intermittent Fasting

Throughout ancient history, and around the globe; many cultures have participated in fasting. A still very commonly practiced routine with many cultures. Reasons for health, medical and spiritual beliefs. Mostly defined as breaks between times of eating that have a structured pattern. This gives your internals a chance to repair any damage or fight off any foreign viral antibodies. Aiding in weight loss and providing your system with incalculable benefit. It is known that even animals will fast if they are suffering from an ailment. The history of the practice is as old as time! 

Picking Your Program

With a variety of fasting, methods to choose from it might seem daunting at first but they all relatively follow the same principles. Reduce caloric intake for a structured period of time. Before deciding which plan to implement, you should evaluate your lifestyle and use that information to guide your choice. If you are a night owl and have dabbled in fasting previously, you could try using the 16/8 Fast. More suiting perhaps to your habitual routines. Early riser? You might be more interested in the 8/16 Fast. It all comes down to preference and experience. 

Fitting It Into Your Day

Now that you have decided on your method, you can start implementing it in your day. To ensure that you’re maintaining your health and hydration, it is best to always remember that plenty of fluids keep everything clean and moving! With a calculated internet search you can review all sorts of tips and techniques to help you get through the challenges that sometimes can discourage your progression. With lots of options for fluids, you can decide how regimented you want to be.  Classifying beverages in their own categories. 

Strict– This method offers only pure water as your source of refreshment. Many people use this method to prepare for medical procedures as well as many spiritual beliefs. 

Moderate-You can indulge in any non-caloric beverage. This is a more lenient category for those who enjoy tea or mineral water. 

Open Fasting-Less intense than the previous two, a small number of calories is permitted. Up to 20Kcal is allowed while participating in the fasting challenges. This method tends to be easier for those who need the sprinkle of sugar in their tea to tie them over until mealtime. 

Accounting for when you have mealtimes with your family is important to your success in the program. There is no right or wrong way to participate. There are however the few rules, only applicable to ensure the beneficial results can be enjoyed and felt. Find what is comfortable to you and be honest about what you are willing to 100% commit to. 


When it comes to ingesting any calories during “quiet” times, a fast can be defined as broken. There have to be realistic goals that you can commit to. After all, you are doing this to increase your health benefits. Whether you want to lose weight, reduce bloating, or inflammation. Lowering your caloric levels will give your internal system time to repair and regenerate. If you are struggling to stay on course, always reach out! With constant community support over at, you can reach out and overcome whatever obstacle that is tempting you! Plenty of answers for, can I have those?…. moments! Downloads of printable reference charts, you won’t have any mishaps throwing you off course. With planning guides, you can set your goals and achieve them with help from your very own cheer force! 


Feeling Like A SuperHero! 

Intermittent fasting is meant to be part of a balanced active lifestyle. Exercise is not required but it definitely will increase your chances of success. Helping you burn off all that extra energy! As your metabolic levels increase you will start to feel more alert and focused throughout your day. With the added mental clarity you will notice things in your life start to change for the better! With a sharper focus, you will have the confidence to tackle any project! Fasting, as part of your regular regiment, will ensure you always are reveling in those benefits. Programs are meant to be used regularly. Some participate weekly, there are options for monthly and some repeat the process several times a year. It is all up to your self preference. Everyone knows when we feel good, it projects outwards to the world. So today is a great day to start feeling unbelievably fabulous!