How to Find Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape?

Picking a pair of sunglasses is one of the most challenging decisions to make. You cannot find a perfect fit unless you have tried the sunglasses on your face. Each person has a different face shape, and that is why it isn’t easy to fit one shape frame to different face shapes.

Whether you buy regular sunglasses or are looking for sports goggles, in particular, you have to be particular about what will suit you. If you are looking for a decent pair of winter or sports sunglasses, you can find a wide range of options in Carrera sunglasses, Pacifico Optical, Dot Dot and many others. You would find plenty of brands to pick a decent pair of sports sunglasses. But first, you need to know some tips on how to choose a frame according to your face shape. Yes, there are several other factors as well that should be taken into consideration, such as the protection and quality. But to look good while playing a sport, style and designs do matter.

So, scroll down to know how to pick sport sunglasses depending on your face shape without further ado.

Why is the shape of a sunglass necessary for playing a sport?

Injuries are common when playing any sport. The shape of a sunglass is essential for both physical and mental satisfaction. If the glass frame is loosely fitted, you would be distracted from what you have to do. Also, a sunglass that is suitable for your face shape will act as a barrier between your eyes and the UV rays, dust particles and smoke or any other distraction.

What are the different face shapes?

Most of you wouldn’t really know what your face shape is. Below is a detailed description of face shapes and how to identify them.

1. Square face

A person with a square face has the same face width and length. They have a broader jawline and forehead. People with such a face shape should have a frame that has a narrow fitting.

2. Oval face

People who have broader cheekbones than the rest of their faces have oval-shaped faces. For an oval face, the best frame is wide. A walnut-shaped frame has a wider fit and is perfectly suitable for people with an oval face.

3. Round face

Small jawline, round chin, wider forehead, and fluffy and fuller cheeks are signs of a round face shape. People with a round face should go for frames that flaunt their delicate facial features.

4. Heart-shaped face

People who have a broad forehead and a narrow chin and jawline have a heart-shaped face. Frames that have a narrow top and broader bottom are most suitable for such face shape.

5. Rectangle face

Someone with a deeper forehead, broader jawline and a long nose have a rectangle face. For such people, a wide and square frame suits best.

6. Upside-down Triangular face

A person with a broad chin and a small forehead have an upside-down triangular face. To give a more prominent appearance to their face, they must go for a bright coloured frame with a broader bottom and narrow top.

Why Wear Sunglasses?

Besides being a stylish accessory, sunglasses are an excellent way to protect your eyes from getting sunburned. Sunglasses help you cut down on glare from the sun and protect them from eye diseases, which is why doctors recommend that you do not venture outside without sunglasses on, especially if it is sunny out. Here are the many benefits of wearing sunglasses. 

Reduce the Risk of Eye Disease

The sun emits UV rays, and the more UV light you are exposed to, the higher your chances of contracting serious eye diseases. You can contract cataracts, surfer’s eye, conjunctivitis, or basal cell carcinoma. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase lenses that offer sufficient protection for your eyes. 

Protects Your Skin From Wrinkles

Sun damage is known to age your skin prematurely and cause wrinkles. This is much more prevalent in the skin around your eyes because the skin there is delicate and thin. Too much sun exposure can cause your skin to lose its elasticity. As the collagen breaks down, the skin will also become thinner. Wrinkles can also appear from constant squinting, which is easily preventable by wearing glasses. 

Protect Against Other Elements

When skiing, walking on a beach, or even cycling along a road, you are constantly exposed to different elements, such as sand, dust, and wind, which can irritate your eyes or, in worse cases, scratch your cornea. Although snow is not as abrasive, it is known to reflect UV rays from the sun into your eyes. If you do not wear sunglasses, overexposure to UV rays can cause snow blindness, characterized by temporary loss of vision. 

Help Avoid Headaches and Migraines

If you tend to suffer from migraines and headaches, bright light, such as sunlight, can be a major trigger. Sunglasses allow you to go outside and soak up the sun without risking a migraine trigger.

 You Can See More Than Other 

Wearing sunglasses can protect your health and help you see more in bright light because it cuts down on glare and improves the contrast and colors of your view. This allows you to see your surroundings better and take in the gorgeous views, even when it is cloudy. 


So, these were some examples of different face shapes and how to pick sunglasses according to them. You will most likely find Carrera sunglasses in a variety of designs to suit your face shape. You can look for a platform online to virtually try a frame or visit a nearby store to see and try the sunglasses physically. It would be best if you always preferred going for a reputed branded sunglasses to get a warranty, durability, and value for money.

Author Alison Lurie