How to Easily Decide Which Type of Coffee Is for You

Coffee might be one of the most enjoyed and favorite beverages on the planet, but just because it is so widely available and enjoyed doesn’t mean it’s that easy to pick out. A lot of people are incredibly specific about their coffee, as well as where they get it, so it is not as easy as it sounds to figure out what kind of coffee could be the right brew for you.

Choosing the right coffee is something that really says a lot about someone so you want to be sure that the brew you pick is the right one. It can be hard to figure out what coffee you like because there are so many options, but this guide can help you easily figure out what may be the right one for you.

Brewed at Home or Bought For You?

There’s a big debate on whether you should make your own coffee or buy it from a chain or cafe. There is no real answer for this because too each their own applies best, but it is a good question to ask yourself when choosing coffee. You even opt for a third option and get a subscription at to help take out a lot of the decision making, which seems to be the basis for this argument. Picking the right coffee isn’t easy but sometimes it can be about the convenience of having it made for you unless you like the process.

Do You Mind a More Intricate Brew?

The people who don’t care about convenience and like to get up early enough to make their brew are going to go to bat for the traditional method of making your own coffee every day. It’s not that simple though, as not every coffee is brewed the same in terms of difficulty. Drip pot coffee is easy (although often smeared by coffee purists), same with coffee pods, but there are more difficult brews like lattes that can be rewarding to make. It all depends on how much you know, and what you can realistically make given what appliances you have.

Like it Hot or Cold?

Hot coffee vs. cold coffee is another interesting take on what is the right choice. Hot coffee is pretty much the go-to, but some people love a good iced coffee or cold brew. Again, as you can tell there is no definitive argument for or against either, and some people will say that cold coffee is best on a summer day and hot coffee on a cold day. If you need something cozy for a winter’s day, hot coffee it is, and something cold could be refreshing on those hot summer mornings.

Are You Looking for Bitter or Sweet?

Coffee can be bitter or sweet depending on a lot of factors. It could be the freshness of the ground, it could be the soil or region the beans came from, it could be the family of beans, or it could be what you add to the coffee. All of these factors play into the bitterness or sweetness of a brew, so you should go for coffee that matches your tastes for the right cup.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

The cost of your coffee might be a surprising factor you haven’t considered. As mentioned, you can go for the convenience route of buying coffee brewed for you, but your local cafe or chain coffee place could end up denting your wallet if you drink multiple cups a day and the intricacy of those cups. Brewing at home can be cheaper, but if you buy some of the more expensive grounds, it’s not as economically valid. Consider your budget for coffee to figure out how much you want to spend.

Is the Source of the Coffee Important to You?

This is one that really matters to your concern for ethics but it’s worth mentioning if you really care about where your coffee comes from. There is a lot of concern over fair trade beans and whether they were grown, harvested, and sold in sustainable ways. There is a desire for beans and coffee that isn’t unethical, so if you care about the source of your coffee, always double-check on the company’s mission statement.


If coffee is a good way to tell what kind of person someone is, then you need to make sure your coffee choices are reflective of you too. Using this guide, you can figure out what type of coffee is right for you.